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  • Sorry I missed it again. Are you posting them on your own page by chance?

    This place is kind however negativity exists anywhere sadly. It's not that the mod is unkind to every, they just dislike me personally. ^ ^"
    Sadly we can't vote for stickied threads but I wish we could. ;u;

    I know what you mean on experiencing it all. The reason I never platinum is usually because the game has things I don't care for. Like KH for example. I hate gummi missions and don't find the trophies worth the trouble.
    It I get some in-game item though I'll try several times before stopping.
    Dislike? This place seems to be really kind. People should be allowed to vote if they found it to be a great read. I'd imagine lol, especially since every other forum uses the Sticky feature if there's something important. I don't know really care about the trophies either but hear me out. When it comes to playing a Role Playing Game. It allows to experience the entire game in a complete way. For instance, I never enjoyed the Gummi back then until I realized how fun it was. Now playing for the missions made me experience something new. It was actually fun and it wasn't too exploitive. When it comes to games like GTA and MGS4. Yeah right! I'd rather work on the stories for those games but there's something about from role playing games that makes lenient which allows you to experience everything. else. Try it!! lol Especially with the online and video guides that exist in our generation.
    Sorry for late reply, had to deal with something. ^ ^"
    I've tried to get it sticked but sadly due to one of the mods dislike for me they won't do so thus why I have to find ways to keep it where others can see it. Your not the first member to ask why its not stickied either. TnT
    lol Hope you enjoy the read then. If I remember right the quickest read was an hour but I've edited it since then so it shouldn't take as long. =]
    That's good to hear, I hope you find many interesting points.

    Nah, I don't platinum. I don't care for the trophies myself but I do try to get as close to 100% to stretch the game longer. =3
    I was thinking of the samething. I got to see how to keep it front of me. You guys should be allowed to Sticky the Topic in a specific for everyone. I'm going to read the entire thing, Might take a while lol. I did see some interesting points that I was wondering like X-blade. Now I know what they mean whenever that's subtitled. Are you going to platinum those games? I'm hoping the KH2 trophies are lenient :(
    Glad you think so, that thing took me 7 days. I'm having to keep it from falling off the front page somehow too. x[
    lol Just start where your interest is most drawn.

    I'm definitely doing BBS first. I've already played KH2fm plus I want to put off the LS fight as long as possible. xD
    Then here ya go: http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/192503-khi-encyclopedia-guide-convolution-little-known-facts-series.html It's sectioned off so don't worry about having to go through each an every detail. You can just pick the spoiler boxes that interest you and not worry about being lost. =D

    NEITHER CAN I!!! I can't wait for BBS in HD. TuT Sadly I'm far from patient.
    lol That actually is what their trying to do. KH got scattered over the years and now Nomura and team are trying to unify it.
    Hey there Rob! Thank you for the friend request, and for letting me know about the Disney thread you made. C: I'll check out the videos soon!
    Damn, you've been doing the forum thing for a while. xD I've only ever came here and at this point don't really feel like going anywhere else.
    If you've never played BBS then I recommend watching it's scenes on youtube or picking up 2.5 when it comes out before making any theories. Eraqus only ever had scenes in BBS and the only mention of him in DDD is that the Keyblade Masters of Land of Departure are "true successors" among the keyblade masters.
    It is Eraqus' keyblade but KH trailers, especially one that even Nomura said was far to early, tend to be more concept than real. Meaning I wouldn't take anything you see in the KH3 trailer as fact yet.

    Eraqus left the keyblade for Aqua yes. Just as Eraqus is Land of Departures successor, Aqua is Eraqus'. She's the one he entrusted with safeguarding it and the one he told how to change it into Castle Oblivion.

    Ya know if your curious about such things the admin Taochan let me make an encyclopedia thread. It's pretty much a thread of all the story details told in interviews with Nomura that aren't in the game. It might help you with your theories. =3
    Which other site do you visit?
    lol Be careful, if the threads to old they'll close it if you post in it. Which theory is it btw? =3
    Glad to see your enjoying yourself. It's nice to have a rush of people after a while.
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