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  • Oh wow! That was such a long time ago!

    Oh yes, yes he was. I also think Bruce Boxleitner was extremely hot as well. xD They are still handsome men, don't get me wrong. xD
    Yeaaaaaah, now might be a good time to stop with the kupo-ing. There's a time and place for RPing, and after 5 days, people are going to start complaining.
    I think it's a mixture of Japanese having different conventions in writing, it probably being aimed at children, and Kanemaki not being very original. But yeah, they are still pretty interesting, I like the extra scenes and thought processes and stuff, even if they aren't first-tier canon.

    I've always known who you are haha and it's okay!
    That's always good. I only wish some of the other members would do the same...
    Days sucks 8D

    Eh, everyone has different opinions. You just have to accept that and stop letting it bother you.
    Despite these being official Square Enix accounts, they really make no difference between work and personal posts xD

    But DChiuch can do what he wants *shrugs* Besides, if there is news, then the response will be better if we weren't expecting it ^^
    KH13 also completely sensationalized both Emily's tweet and Richard's FB post. Neither of them are confirmations and will only serve to instill high levels of hype in people far too early. Madammina's thread was deleted so we could avoid a repeat of E3 2011 where everyone was whining about how "Nomura promised KH would be there and it wasn't."

    Plus, Emily's done this before and nothing happened last time. For all we know, the "KH filled day" she was referring to was a personal KH marathon for herself. We don't want everyone to get all riled up for something and then become severely disappointed in the worst case scenario.
    Oh yes, I'm on Day 3 with Joshua now, preparing to fight that stupid superboss noise which MegaFlared me once and pissed me off, lol.
    Think the forums will crash? I hope not, I've got nothing to do on Tuesday except talk on here so if it goes down at that time my life is over D: /exaggeration.
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