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  • What time do you think the trailer will be released at either tomorrow or Wednesday?

    I think either around lunch time or late afternoon.
    Random question, but do you know who does the art for Final Fantasy Theatrhythm? It looks original, which is a plus in my book.
    Why would you bother to put the entire game plot in the zelda thread? I know it's in spoilers, but a lot of people were tempted to look at them. The game's REALLY hyped.
    Sorry, late reply.

    Aaaaanyways, yeah, we were well aware of this :3 But thank you!
    Nope. It's impossible right now.

    I just hope the forums doesn't crash again.
    Are they dense? Started series have to be finished before you work on the next, it's almost like with some FanFiction.net-authors who start a story and don't update for months and then come around starting another story.

    *is jealous about you understanding japanese* Besides German I am only very good in English. I once had French for several years but since I never really got to write/speak it for over 10 years it's almost completely gone.

    As I always get them over my comic store sadly no, but maybe you'll find an online shop who sells the german versions if you specifically search for them.
    If they would bring out the novels in a language I understand it would be a real day of joy for me.

    I just read it in his bio, I never got into Dr. Who that much.
    Yep, in Germany the KH 2 manga is continued. I have it up to volume 5, as volume 6 is delayed even in Japan it seems.
    Just yesterday I got the first volume of the days manga.

    Studying german, oi, good luck with that. As a native german I can't speak for myself since it's my mother language, but I did hear that German is rather difficult to learn.

    Philipp Brammer voices Axel in german, he's also the voice of Reno and the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who in Germany.
    I have KH 1 and 2 as well, and those also were the only ones getting a german synchro.
    They don't dub over the handhelds so they have English voices.
    The german dub is pretty decent, gives most characters a way more "emotional" tone and they got some well known German voice actors on board.

    It even seemed they tried to defuse the truly horrible script of KH 2 at some points by deliberately translating more "freely".
    In all honesty no, BBS is gameplay-wise the best entry yet and the story, while not outstanding due to various missed opportunities, is at least decent.
    As with characters I also don't have a clear favorite with the game entries as I always try to see the series in its entirety.

    Nonetheless BBS for me personally had yet the most "drama" factor and the best real villain with Master Xehanort. A villain we actually see doing horrible things and even gleefully gloating at the pain he causes the protagonists.
    That's a villain one can relate to...to be honest I don't really understand what so many people find so scary with Ansem SoD? The only big thing in KH1 he made were big speeches and some hand motions.

    In the end it all comes down to personal preference, although I have to admit I didn't play Re: Coded yet.
    Days I watched a playthrough on Youtube, also didn't play it myself.
    I own both Days and Re: Coded, but can't play them until I get a 3DS.
    No issue, protagonists are practically also main characters but on a higher importance-level.
    Although protagonist also depends a bit on the game itself, as i.e. in BBS Sora and Riku surely are not protagonists but major characters.
    TAV are elevated to protagonists in that entry.

    As for Roxas and Xion in Days "carrying the plot" was severely bonked up so to say, but that's not really new.
    In KH2 one has to say Roxas carried the plot way better, as a sort of short "interim" protagonist.

    If an assigned protagonist can sufficiently carry the plot, regardless of who it is, is ver much decided by the quality of the writing.
    If one may remember, in KH2 Sora was also much more of a passive protagonist just like Roxas was more or less forced to in Days.
    Then what are "good" main characters in your view? I don't really understand what the problem is.
    That would also always depend on how one defines "main character", I noticed that many people tend to mix up the terms "major character", "main character" and "protagonist".

    major characters are people who have recurring appearances and almost always contribute importantly to the plot in some way, but get less focus on their own background.
    In KH I would put characters like Donald, Goofy, Axel, Saix, Xigbar, Yen Sid, Ansem the Wise, Maleficent, Vanitas (as of now) or Eraqus in that category.

    main characters are people who appear even more often than majors, are closely involved with the plot, are playable in some instances and get also more background information.
    In that category I would put Kairi, Xion, Namin?, Mickey, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Xehanort, Ansem SoD, Xemnas and Roxas.

    protagonists are of course the characters with the most importance who are playable most of the time, get the most attention and background information.
    For KH this would be Sora and Riku obviously.
    No one can deny that the way how the spotlight was distributed among important characters in Days was very flawed.
    Xion being a new character it was bound that she would play a central role from the start of. However, the centre being on her so much that the other central characters suffer from it that badly gives really a sour taste.
    Nonetheless I still won't go so far to say she should not belong into the KH-canon or never show up again, as she has a place in the overall story.

    In all total honesty, we have so far six entries in the series (not counting FMs and Re:'s):
    KH 1, CoM, KH2, Days, BBS and Coded with the seventh (DDD) in the making. Only two of these have main player characters other than Sora and KH3 will also have again Sora as the main protagonist.
    It's not that we haven't enough of Sora and I found it very refreshing to control some characters other than Sora in BBS.
    I never owned a DS so I am actually looking forward to when I get a 3DS that I can then play Days and Re: Coded.
    Roxas is surely way more important that just a supporting character, Donald and Goofy, Yen Sid or the Final Fantasy cameos are supporting cast, but him I would clearly put under the main character category, just like Terra, Aqua, Ven, Namin? and also Kairi.
    Sora and Riku are the most important major characters though, that's a no-brainer.
    Can only agree with this...Vanitas was so underused and mishandled in BBS it is a shame.
    While I absolutely adore BBS, especially since I'm so fond of TAV, there is much potential that was left unused.

    The novels being that detailed and going into the several characters more is one more reason why I despise that they are not localized.
    I would not even need them particularly in German, English would already be enough.
    Cured of hate, that's really nice.
    I never hated any character, just found some things not so well-handled and Pete or Demyx sometimes annoy me a little, but not to the point of actual dislike.
    Ah yes, thank you.

    Nice to see another one who can't decide on a single favorite. ^__^
    Also no hate character on your side?
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