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  • Well, I gave it a shot. That B+W is being difficult. Is there an alternate stock you would like? No matter what I do, the saturation gets out of control and if I turn it down, the colors are too muted to look good. If you have another stock in mind, let me know. I wanna make you a kick ass tag and that stock just won't let me do it.
    Hey, I'll be working on your set next, but your stock image is a little hard to work with. I'll do my best but is there an alternate stock of the same character I could work with? If not, I'll get it to work. Just having a black and white stock that isn't a photograph can be a little hard to use, on top of, it is a little blurry some places.
    I'll get your set done ASAP, I haven't been around as much as I could be, so I'm thinking no later than Friday hopefully tomorrow, assuming I can work fast and efficiently.
    Hey, Roxas9001! You requested a tag from Spiral Dream Designs on April 5th, correct? I had a great time making your Ryoko sig and avi and hope you like it! Please check the shop thread and grab it.
    Hey Roxas would you by chance have another stock you'd like me to use instead of the guy from ff13-2?
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