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  • I know right, and ironically my iPad died and turned into a spirit or I couldn't communicate XD RIALMAO (Rolling in air laughing my ass off)
    What System are hey on? Have Gamefly so I might try them, just a wandering spirit now (was pronounced dead, cause of death, three fluff balls of doom XD)
    I know right, it's like the news only cares about bad news and I have been seeing a lot of 9/11 related stuff as well
    Watching some original Yu-Gi-Oh! Good stuff. And later I will be playing my Final Mix.
    Oh, the dreaded writer's block. x.x It's so evil!

    But yes, it's quite amazing that he writes better fanfiction in English than most of the fanfic writers on Fanfiction.net whose native language is English. If he, a native German, can write literate and amazing fanfiction in English, surely they can, too.

    In short, he's quite the inspiration. :D

    So, who's your favorite KH character to write about?
    Sephi is an amazing author. Seriously, when I write my own KH fanfic (which I have my own KH3 story in the works right now), I really look to him for inspiration. <3

    It's also amazing that English is his second language. It doesn't really seem like it when I read his story.
    Lol, dogs are so cute and weird sometimes.

    But yeah, she's been mean to me since Elementary School, so I'm used to her nasty comments. Hopefully she realizes how nasty she is (she is to everyone, not just me). A lot of boys like her, but she's nasty mean. I don't get it.

    Anyways, I agree. :D Fall and Winter are great. I personally can't stand that much humidity, so it's nice when it's cool out. Not four feet of snow, though. ;)
    The doctors said I will make a complete recovery. Gotta love my 3 kittens, they are so adorable.
    Yes 3D rendered days yes. oh noz, I am being killed by 3 fluff balls of death(3 rag doll kittens) HELP ME. They are attacking me a..... end transmission XD
    GAAAAH, I WANT KH3 ALREADY. HURRY UP NOMURA. Or at least a hd collection with FMs to hold me off. Just played through 358 and remembered about Xion and Roxas and how they need to be saved darn it. Sry, really needed to let that out XD. I can't wait for my birth by sleep final mix to come in
    So like your saying Desmond doesn't know Lucy is an assassin? Wouldn't it be obvious with her abilities in brotherhood? 0.0 Lucy smoking hot, huh? lol thats definitely a guys response xD I like Shaun even if he is a bit of an a**. Rebecca is nice and cool in her own way :] I'm glad to have finally met the mysterious Bill Miles in Revelations.

    Well what's the point in telling you, if ya know all of that already!? x'D oh I have a question, what do the animus data fragments do exactly? Also what did you think of the Stalkers? Do you think subject 16 is gone for good?

    What would you do with the Hookblade, if you had one literally? Looks like you and Desmond have quite a tough journey await the both of you. I wish you both the best of luck, fellow assassin ;D
    Aww...poor puppy! :( My cat's getting pretty old, too. About nine years, I think.

    I had a pretty good day. Some girl in my Chemistry class was nasty to me, but I just ignored her. Better to do that than let her know what she said bugged me.

    Anyways, it was pretty hot out today. Especially for September (where I live, at least). It broke the 90's , I think.
    Welp, my sister actually got me into KH. One day, my six year old self saw her playing it and I was instantly hooked. Not for the Disney or the Final Fantasy, though. I actually was the most intrigued by the original characters. And to this day, I still am. :D

    So how was your day, today? :)
    Glad to hear that you are well, Roxas :D glad ya understand bout that.

    That's kind of sad to have to learn it that way but least you know now.

    Wow, you really like Desmond Miles. I can see why you like him so much. I like getting to know more about subject 16 through Desmond Miles in Assassins Creed Brotherhood. I ended up appreciating the storyline a whole lot more in revelations then I orginially thought. But, I seriously hope we get to take down Warren and Alan for what they've done to the Assassins. As for Lucy, I don't know what side she's really on. At one point I thought she was maybe the traitor within the group of Shaun, Rebeeca and Desmond. I'm not certain if she is or not, hopefully that will be more clearer in AC:3.

    Good! Cause I'm dying to spill what I've learned in Revelations xD

    I had started earlier in the week and finished it on last Sunday. It was really good and ties up some ends.
    How you doing, won a BBSFM on eBay for 23 dollars, gotta love it, aquas secret episode and the new mirage arena bosses. Yay, bored so I decided to ramble XD. Well have a good day.
    I tend to think that it is mostly because I am not really obsessed with KH and also think about other stuff quite often. That balances out things and ensures that I rarely dream at all and have a quiet night, lol.

    I do have some general knowledge on the USA after all, lol.
    I heard of that rumor too, as in fact it has also been said that one of the reasons Bill Clinton now supports Obama (they weren't exactly the best of friends during the times when Obama and Hillary were both competing who would be candidate against McCain) is because he also wants to help pave the way for Hillary.

    It's also somewhat thrilling to see readers speculate and theorize on the plot and characters, *ggg*, always an enjoyment for me.

    Indeed, that's also why I am only writing on one story at a time, to give it full attention without any distractions.
    Looking at it, the story itself had not that many battles so far anyways, lol.
    The first, Roxas vs. Armored Apparition of Ventus was very one-sided due to Ven's bad shape and also Roxas' unwillingness to actually fight.
    The second was if I remember correctly Sora & Riku vs some Heartless, then the third already Aqua vs. Sephiroth, then the Radiant Garden Final Fantasy gang against more Heartless.
    Of course I am flattered when people can imagine my scenes and descriptions in their heads as it shows I did something right, however I won't go so far to actually say that they will happen in a true KH entry, lol.
    Uh oh..... :( But like you said, it's probably just something with your ears, since they control your balance. Or maybe you're low on iron and that's making you dizzy. That happened to me before. It also came with light-headedness and fatigue. IDK if you're having those symptoms, too, but that might be it if so.

    But I hope you get better soon. :D It'd suck to be messed up while playing. You'd be owning people everywhere and then you'd get a sudden bout of dizzyness and die. :( Not good.

    So, how did you get into KH? Or what do you like about it?
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