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  • Any type of world history. Which is good, because that's what I'm in right now. :)
    That's good that you're helping out with your library, at least. :D I've always loved libraries, but especially the smell of all the old books.

    I've got a chemistry test coming up soon. :( I have to memorize about 40 elements and their letter symbols. Some of them don't even make sense, like Hg for Mercury. But I'm sure I'll do fine. It'll just take some more studying, first.
    Yeah. You got school tomorrow? Any giant tests or something fun coming up?
    Wow, looking at how often I think or read about KH-related stuff I am certainly lacking in KH dreams since it rarely happens, *ggg*.

    Well, isn't it so that no one is allowed to become President more than twice according to the constitution? Bill Clinton already served two times, didn't he? But maybe his wife would be a good candidate for after Obama?
    If I remember correctly only one President ever served three terms in the USA and that was F. D. Roosevelt as an exception because of World War II.

    I do my very best, ^__^.

    As long as readers are willing to keep up with a bigger scope of a story and tag along there shouldn't be any problem. I certainly try to make each chapter meaningful in a way even when it only serves to go more in-depth about some characters. Heh, battle scenes are the second most difficult situations to write after intense emotional scenes.
    I'm glad they turn out imaginable to the audience. I would assume the Aqua vs. Sephiroth battle to be the most intense so far.
    SSBB is very good with an extra long story called Subspace Emissary. And Sonic and Solid Snake are playable in it, whats not to like ( not to mention that a good beatbown is always fun XD)
    I tried some super smah bros brawl and that lasted a few hours. Do you play SSBB?
    How's the ratio? *ggg*
    One dream a year?

    I heard the speech of Bill Clinton, very good stuff. That man spoke the truth, especially about the Republicans and the mess they left behind for Obama which they now blame him for not fixing. It's like hey, that guy didn't manage to fix the mess, so let those who created it at the helm again, lol.

    Exactly, because I care about my readers. That's why I think a waiting time of two weeks isn't all that problematic comapared to update-schedules that take months.

    I warn in the very first post that this is quite the big tale, lol. Putting so much emphasis on several different characters plus main plot plus battle scenes plus descriptions results in quite some text. ;D
    I was watching a video called "Terranort Team" by AntiWeapon. It was making me laugh so hard I couldn't stop crying. Poor Ven. I am so bored right now it's not even funny.
    So we know where sephimog0812 lives, I live in Indianapolis, IN, USA where do you live (am jealous of sephimog0812 living in Germany Grrrrrr.....)
    I'll probably pick up a 3DS XL at some point later on. Unless they release a better 3DS model...then I'll pick that up.

    Yeah, she really liked it. I'm kinda "meh" about it. I really enjoyed it when I saw it the first time but then the second time it felt really lackluster.

    I dunno, I get what they're trying to do, and it's certainly impressive, but I don't really find myself interested in it. I was more interested in WatchDogs.
    Nothing exciting, just reading a lot of soraxroxas fanfic, as much as I think Roxas is adorable, (was 15 when I got a crush on him hehe) I think he was meant for sora in fanfic. I have an interesting theory, I think Roxas and Xion will be 2 of the 7 guardians. And Terra won't be, he will be saved by his successor, Riku during the battle. Another interesting idea is that roxas is Ven's Nobody, i mean when sora released his heart he released his, kairi's, and The part of Ven's all at once so why not? I'm just SO bored, want KH3, but a game called Virtues Last Reward would hold me off as well.
    That is a good question, wonder if Vanitas would possess sora since if ven is restored, more than like Vanitas would be as well since is Ventus' darkness given human form
    Hi Roxas xD I'm doing okay, been a little busy recently. How are you doing?

    That's really cool that your full blood Naive American Cherokee tribe!

    It's a tie between Assassins Creed and Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. I like going through both storylines and learning more about the assassins. My favorite character would have to be Altair :D What about you?

    I'm actually in the middle of playing AC Revelations right now :] I like it so far and I'm adjusting to the change of gameplay. Like the equipment and eagle vision.
    Roxas is still better, the only reason sora can steal them because Roxas is his other.
    Yeah, but it all payed off, so I really don't regret it. I can always buy a new 3DS someday.

    I actually saw it on opening night with a friend, which was neat, and then I took my girlfriend to see it a few weeks later because she really wanted to know what all the hype was about.

    It looks really advanced and graphically, it's beautiful, but I don't understand why it isn't just an Uncharted game set in an apocalyptic future or something.
    Just how often do you have one, lol?
    The one I had that turned into HiU eventually was only one of two total in ten years. *ggg*

    It took me also two years to find a new job though after the big crisis of 2008 caused my original employer to go down. I dunno about Romney, he talks much but is actually someone who destroyed many jobs in the past as "ruthless business man" and in several other fields he seems to be more oriented towards the fifties in policy, like many of the Republicans today it seems. Obama also tried but didn't get much done because the Republicans were often blockading him and he showed some lack of assertiveness.

    Comments from readers serve as a real good motivator. ;)
    Yep, that's the schedule I found to be the most fitting to cater to all four main issues: 1st give the beta some time to do her work, 2nd gives me time to format the text and arrange stuff with my work and other things in Real Life, 3rd give those readers who can't jump directly on the new chapter some time to read and possibly comment on it and 4th give those readers eager for continuation a set timeframe to when to expect the next entry.
    When I look at some stories at FF.net (or also here) which do not get updated for months that's something I would want to prevent.

    As for characters I do not really get the question, but in terms of chapters I have finished chapter 47 not long ago. The high amount of chapters is mostly due to the single chapter being rather short in text (around 1.600 to 2.200 words per chapter).
    I refuse to play the English ps2 ones knowing about the FM especially 2, only play BBS because of mirage arena. And I am quite familiar with pacey8444 and emberglow8444 and I wish I had the skill he had. Really want to do the Data battles and the FM exclusive..... Roxas fight, the jerks.
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