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  • Yup, you do and it’s amazing.

    Yup that’s right with them, I originally picked up Birthright and then I bought the other two paths.
    A couple of times, I personally find it rather relaxing to be on one.

    Depends on the bonuses for me, I think the special edition for Fates has all three of the paths for it so it does justify the price.
    Ah! That couldn’t have been fun with the jellyfish. :/ I hope eventually go back to the ocean.

    Okay, they can be a bit expensive but at least I found it worth it. I just wanted to give you a heads up about it.
    That’s great!

    Yeah there is Echoes too. I’d personally recommend Awakening and then Fates (it’s the one where you can pair the avatar with someone of the same gender and I think I know who the character is) then Echoes.
    Haha okay.

    Hmmm, personally I started with Awakening, it’s on the 3DS and then I went to Fates. I’m actually working on replaying Fates.
    Understand that one, what movie did you see?

    I personally thought so! You can customize the player character from what I’ve seen so far and while the majority of the pairings are straight there’s some dedication to the lgbt community. Even then I know at least I’ve personally enjoyed the story, and Dream seems to have enjoyed it too.
    Yeah I did, it was really cool! Yeah I had fun and the car shows sound like fun. Is it?

    Also have you ever played Fire Emblem?
    To Chicago, it was partially because there was an anime convention there this place ast weekend and partially because it was agreed on.

    And I always have faith in your posts.
    Yeah I know what you mean.

    It was a really good one.

    I’m glad you’re doing well, and that’s great that it’s helping you out so much. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
    Haha, thanks Roxie. I'll work on it tomorrow, sorry for the delay. I've been on a family vacation for the past week (unfortunately because of work Dream couldn't go) and I've had a headache all day so I didn't want to work on a post for Miracles.

    I'm just trying to figure out Hazel's part and then it should come together fairly fast.

    How have you been?
    Eh it's really nothing huge. After a few weeks of finally getting over my dizzy spells they came back a few days ago which is incredibly annoying. They aren't as strong as they were when they first started which is probably a good sign but they're just annoying as is. I know they're nothing serious since I've had a CT scan done which showed everything was fine in my head, so it's more than likely a problem with my inner ears. I have an appointment set up for the near future to get them checked up but I'm really over having this knock me on my ass for a day or two at a time. That and I'm job hunting is all that's really holding me back lol. So like I said, nothing too major.

    I've caught up with Miracles tho, so I'll try to have a post up sometime tomorrow. I might work on it tonight but I'll probably get it finished and at least somewhat edited tomorrow!
    Sorry, I'm dealing with some stuff. Nothing too major tbh but still holding me back. I'll read through the new posts and make my own soon! I still need to bring Kyle back into the spotlight and all.
    Nah, personally while I do agree it just isn't for me anymore. I kind of got to a point in life where if I cannot discipline myself to be consistent with either a pursuit or a talent, I tend to just focus mainly on what I'm good at. I had the luxury of time when I was a dumb kid in high school to get a feel for my digital portfolio and digital competence in general and that really took away from my actual attention and skill at just being mechanically competent at actual drawing. ^^;

    I am glad that you like it, i'd actually forgotten what the sizes were for avatars for members...it's been that long since I checked what they were for different member groups. I'm guessing its like

    Regular 100x100 > Bronze 125x125 > Silver 150x150 > Gold 175x175 > Platinum 200x200
    To tell you the truth I used to a long time ago.

    I was never good like some members on here like Riel, Ophan, and Turn just to name a few. However what I was able to do I pulled from some of my own resources. You by no means have to use these :p and if you want something different you can link me to a working image and i'll do what I can with it. I normally don't really do anything of the sort anymore, this was like my high school and summer vacation hobby.


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