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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    I saw that you were listing these people and I wanted to say i'm lesbian so that's that and I wanted to know what the LGBT main site is
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    WarpChaos' Theory

    the staff deleting your thread does make sense seeing how they deleted the thread about the April Fool's joke several times. As for the Ventu's heart drifting into Sora that makes sense because Roxas and Xion were able to feel emotion. As for the people dismissing your theories without proof...
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    Multiple BBS theories in one(spoilers)

    Vexen has made two expiriements so far so why couldn't he have made two others in the past when he was Even. Ven's keyblade wouldn't be complete because he isn't real. Look at Repliku. He couldn't get any stronger then he was when he was fully functional
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    Multiple BBS theories in one(spoilers)

    Alright this is simliar to Daxma's (khv) theory but a bit different. I'm going to use poem at the end of RE:COM. Aqua helped me think this theory up along with Daxma's idea of Even being involved. This has explanations for other things too. First I'll explain it in simple form. Even has an...
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    My poetry

    I'm sorry if i'm breaking any rules I don't really remember because I haven't been active here in a couple months anyway here's some of my poetry Getting through Life The sunset, an amazing time where spirits roam free when our hearts were one i remember when we would relax by the tree but...
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    Organization XIII Titles

    I actually never thought of that. Maybe the assassin relates to his past like you said
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    Re: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's definetly fake. There hasn't even been enough trailers yet. Like the person had said earlier it's past due date and that part of the site probably hasn't been updated.
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    Xion's story (to be spoiler)

    thank you
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    Xion's story (to be spoiler)

    the reason i put to be spoiler was because people might not explain it I'm asking if anybody could explain Xion's story. im sorry if theres already a thread for this but i just wanted to know.
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    Unbirth theory (influenced by Forced Existence)

    first off unbirths can NOT be the soul because nobodies take up the body and soul. unbirths cant be from any part of a human because nothing can seperate them as far as we know. only hte artificial keyblade and the heartless can i think the nobodies can too correct me if im wrong...
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    reposting of world theory. proof this time

    i know i posted this theory before but i have proof now. we've heard before that one of the worlds in bbs are supposed to surprise us which is agrabah. im thinking that the problem is that how would we really communicate with alladin if he is like 2 years old. we would have to be talking to his...
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    kh bbs theory

    This goes along with things from the trailers. i know this is crazy theory but mx could be a person who can absorb darkness without injury. the reason that terra is so angry is that the person behind the mask (ds) could have been one of his best friends but got absorbed by mx and then...
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    ummm riku wasent in half of those places?

    i've only read the first page but coded is going to answer if he was in those worlds. doesnt it because it does show him on Big Ben with kairi
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    that giant heart could've leveled the land. although when we fought terra, it was back to a desert. couldnt be a time portal that we went through because that was a darkness portal if i remember correctly
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    very unlikely. i posted that theory on kh-vids and this website 2 months ago and it got shot down with no evidence against me. talk to audo he might explain how its unlikely