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  • xD I understand you completely. Even as a girl I feel sorta embarrassed to have the pink one...but I can get away with it xD I'm really hoping there will be a few decals. I saw a few unofficial ones but I really only liked this one. I got the pink 3DS especially for the KH3D shell, actually.

    Oh man I was so conflicted with the midnight purple one. This image was what I thought it would look like:
    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Here you go Rydgea! Hope you like them. I've included both versions, which one is only with the black icon and the other is everything with it.

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Hi~ :3 I got the pearl pink one. I don't like the color pink, but it was really the only color I liked for the 3DS besides black and the white one only available in Japan. You got the Aqua Blue one, right?
    Oh it just means 3DS friend code. The text below it means "Darkness turns into light, light falls into darkness."
    Okay thanks Rydgea! I also have another question, do you want me to leave the pink symbols and text there just like mines? Or do you just want the black icon part? And also, in English or Japanese?
    Oh thanks lol. You go to Mii Maker > QR Code/Image Options > Save Mii as Image > Face. I just only need the face picture then it should be saved to your SD card. You place the SD card into your computer and take the image from there.
    I actually made it myself. I can make one for you if you can give me the image of your Mii.
    Just a quick question, who's that chick in your sig? I think I've seen her in a movie somewhere...
    I got it in Christmas hoping to catch up before DDD as well. I think it's pretty great. I went a month or two without playing it because I got bored of grinding (one thing about the game is that if you're a perfectionist like me, it requires a TON of grinding, plus SPP and MPP are irritating as hell to try and gather), but I've picked it up again. Joshua is easily my favorite character so far, even though I'm totally shipping Neku, Beat and Rhyme as my OT3. How far into the game are you, or have you already beaten it? (I'm one of those gamers that takes months to beat a single game because I get so involved in doing everything humanly possible...and I only really play massive-ish, intensive games like KH, so.)

    Yeah. Fair warning, this is where a lot of fans and ex-fans of the series will inevitably start complaining that the series started going down hill, because they left Agrestic (or Majestic, lawl) and lost their suburban comedy schtick with it. Personally, S4 and 5 are the high points of the series for me; perfectly executed black comedy, all over the place. Right now I'm collecting all the DVDS (already have 1-3 and 5) so I can do a rewatch in anticipation of what is probably going to be the final season. And yeah, Mary-Louise Parker actually requested specifically to get that tattoo for the show, from what she's said in interviews. She's so dreamy~. /siiiiggghhhh
    Good to have asked before then. ;)

    As for DDD as a whole, I find it to be a very intriguing chapter that really brings together some of the mysteries of the series and properly fits Coded, Days and BBS together with the now forward marching plot.
    As Nomura already indicated way earlier, this entry really turns some things upside down and there are certainly some "wham"-facts that get slapped in one's face.
    There are one or two things though that may needlessly complicate things, but that may be only because of hazy japanese translations so far as many things are really woven together nicely.
    Other than that, there are some bits that could be considered "overly fanservice" that will probably cause some debates, but that's all about it.

    Next answer is gotta be delayed, it's bed time around here. ;)
    Are you spoiled or not?
    Since I am fully spoiled I'd just ask beforehand so I don't reveal too much by accident.
    Oh wow, you're still just getting into it then. I love the fifth season, it's my favorite. I hope it hasn't been spoiled for you; the end of that season is genius.
    Now I'm imagining myself playing Harper Pitt in Angels in America. Ugh, and I'm horrible at it, but I don't care. I want. *dreamy gaze*
    Ha ha, the show? Yeah, it's one of my favorite ongoing dramas, but I'm sad this year will likely be the last. D:
    Seriously, though, Mary-Louise Parker is amazing. I don't know if I want to marry her or be her or both.
    You could say that. I've only read the first issue so far, but I've been meaning to read the others. Just haven't had the time.
    Thanks! I think the problem is a lot of people don't want to acknowledge trends like this because they just admire the series so much XP I noticed because a lot of japanese media has similar problems. I mean, just look at Mr Popo from dragonball Z!
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