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  • If you ever intend to rejoin The Commission, saga II starts in a few days... hopefully.

    Of course, you couldn't rejoin as Aglaia... seeing as she's dead. But still. I mean, if you want to make a new character, go right on ahead.
    Hey there! So, The Commission Saga II is starting, and if you want to join, post your temp in the fanclub due to Sa'id being banned and mods closing the Sign Up thread.
    Hi Fox! Umm I'd just like to ask if you could post in Shadows Beneath again. We're getting closer to the end!! Jolt!! And I'd like it if you were there to see it end.... And I want to see what happens to Layla afterwards,I love reading epologes xD Hope to see you soon!

    Oh, she'll be fine =D
    I think Sable and Bailee will get along fine after a while ^^
    Lol. What a great way to introduce friends ^^

    Sable: *Sees girl standing outside cabin door.*
    Bailee: *Wonders whether this is her cabin.*
    Sable: *Runs up from behind and scares her.* HELLO!!! ^^
    Bailee: *Has minor anxity attack.* X.X
    Hey there =)
    In Heartsent, how do you want our characters to meet?
    And how ish you by the way? XD
    Ya we are going to a friends house woohoo how bout you?
    I been doing okay thanks just family crap. How are you?
    Hey long time no talk!!!
    OMG THAT IS SOOOOOO COOOL!!!!!!!! Lucky. Have you been to any other states before?
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