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  • I didn't beat Vanitas's Sentiment and the Mysterious Figure
    Got everything else other than that though.
    And... well, BBS didn't really tell me anything new aside from the deal with the X-Blade, regardless of what I was spoiled about, so.
    Aha, yeah I like names that seem interesting, like my PSO Characters Name has been fenrir for a while, and in PSU someone else had it so I upgraded to FenrirBloodmoon, I thought Bloodmoon fit my name and my playstyle lol.
    Yeah theres a line, basically their form of armor, called Sacred Cloth in the US version but in it's original incarnation the armor was called Sacred Cross or as some people would abbreviate it for messages Sacred X
    Gah, I didn't even realize I got your message before this one! Sorry!

    And I know, it makes me smile every time I see it :)
    I know i miss my old skin! I do like the new profiles though, but I wish I could change the background.

    :( i don't get out until the 11th. I still have 2 finals and 2 big projects to do :p lots of work and stress.
    My favorite songs/artists change daily lol :)

    I like Owl City, Motion City Soundtrack, Relient K, and The Goo Goo Dolls. And then lots of random bands/singers. I absolutely loooooooove the Beatles and Queen.

    I'll listen to anything that sounds good really
    i love her smile, and her hair. I want her hair so bad lol.

    so what other music do you like?
    it isn't? ive just been listening to her songs on youtube because i have no money lol. i love all of her songs too :) have you heard River?
    I love Face Up! I'm listening to it right now actually lol. I also really like February Air, Up Up and Away, and Ice
    i was just introduced to her about a week or two ago. What's your favorite song by her?
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