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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind was 2nd best selling DLC in US, 6th best selling DLC in the EU

    I hope it helps development proceed on the future titles but I also hope SE and Nomura took the criticism the right way and realized some people were disappointed with how it was handled. The new gameplay mechanics are nice, but the rest felt shallow to me and definitely not worth $30-40. As...
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    Favorite character up until now and why?

    Aqua! And believe it or not, my user name has ZERO to do with her (been using it since 2000) Aqua is an awesome character and I loved seeing her interactions with the Disney characters. She disappointed me in 3, but then, she has been through a lot.
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    KH Fans what are your plans for the future of the franchise? and Will you move on or stay till the end?

    Pre-KH3 I would have said I'm in it forever. Post KH 3, I am still mostly in for the main titles...but with the UX drag and how disappointed I was with KH3 (even if I did enjoy it) and then the underwhelming DLC,I am slowly losing my passion. I'm still all in for what we get next and though I'm...
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    In your opinion, did ReMind fix the game?

    I would honestly say no. But to get me ready for KH 4, I guess in that sense it did.
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    Classic elements you miss that were not in KH3

    Oh, goodness. Where to begin! Most of you have already answered things I would and some brought up things I'd forgotten were so good about KH 1! But yeah, Disney boss fights were amazing.
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    Since we have four teams working on KH games, does this mean that we have four spin-offs in the series?

    Me: I don't want side games! Also Me: I want BBS 2 with TAV, DDD2 with Kairi and a game where I play as Mickey, Donald and Goofy. Also, I would love if Daisy and Minnie joined Kairi in the dream. Or would we get Clarabelle to replace Goofy?
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    Would you play a KH spin off in a different gaming genre?

    I probably would, but to be honest I don't want the series to expand into any of those genres. I could see it's style adapting to maybe an open world or even turn-based, but I'd prefer it to stay in the RPG realm.
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    my Problem with pro players>< in KH

    I often play on the harder difficulties to unlock trophies. I love the gameplay and story...and I also love trophies. Some people think enjoying trophies ruins the experience, I don't see how... it's nice to get an extra reward or have an achievement for doing something in a game. I often extend...
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    Spoilers ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind DLC Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I feel like this DLC was a ripoff, personally. . Nomura and SE deserve any heat they get from charging $30 to rewatch cutscenes from a game we already paid for. People complained about KH 2.9, but at least it had content. A full game and a decent short game. The amount of forced exposition and...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Screenshots and Renders Released

    I feel way more excited to see the Fairy Godmother than I probably should be. But I am!
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    Why is DDD so loathed and hated?

    I consider it the weakest of the "good games" or the best of the "bad games." KH1, 2, BBS all good. COM, Days, Coded all bad (though I enjoyed them for what they were.) 3, 0.2 and DDD are somewhere in the middle for me. DDD was improved by being on PS4 since the battle system could shine here...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III remains the best-selling game of 2019 YTD for the fourth consecutive month

    It is possible the nest one will outsell 3. 3 did have a lot of hype because of the wait. (let's please never do that again...) But because so many new players came on board with 3, it could mean we'll have a larger install base. I've worked in a game store since 2 came out, and the launch...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III remains the best-selling game of 2019 YTD for the fourth consecutive month

    This is good for all involved (fans, creators, publishers, and Disney). I don't want rushed games, but I hope this pushes SE and Disney to push for a bigger budget and more resources.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts outfit and weapon for Squall Leonhart coming to Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT in June

    I absolutely loved Dissidia on PSP and rebought it for Vita. But this new one is just boring. Boring gameplay and no real story mode. Also, the DLC is way overpriced. I can get a decent game for that. DLC on PSP was like, 0.99 an out fir and maybe $3usd for a song pack. I won't be supporting...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III's Preorder Bonus DLC Keyblades Available for Purchase May 8th

    Midnight blue is definitely available, I just saw it in the store for $2.99 usd.