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  • Sorry but I can't sweetheart. I hate working late especially from last night. I worked from 3pm to 2:30am. Nearly worked for 12 hours straight again. But at least I have the day off today. Gonna see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World today if I get the chance to.
    okay. um only 3 i have heard were Vampire Knight, fruit basket, and cowboy bebop. The anime i like are naruto, bleach, neon koi, and now keikashi which just appeared on adult swim. talk more but i just got out of work and i need to get some sleep.
    Also I like to point out that I have work again today. I have tomorrow off so if ya want you can chat with me on that day. BTW, what other anime do you like besides Soul Eater?
    No, we never met even though we planned to. And it wasn't because of me working in Ohio, we broke up before that because she didn't love me enough as a friend. And so far for Soul Eater, I beleive I'm on episode 36. I got all my episodes from duphappy.com. Death, Ragnarok, and Kid are my favs along with some of the other characters. Sorry I left in a hurry b4 but I'm in work now but its my break time so these posts are sent by my phone.
    N-no. Its someone else. In fact she kinda hates me right now. And yeah I like soul eater. I have 3 manga's of it and watched the whole series. Well not the dubbed series just the subbed.
    Actually she's my ex-girlfriend that I'm drinking blood from. Not sure if I want to get back together with her though.
    Well aren't you full of life then, and blood. *licks my fangs* Don't worry, I won't bite you.......Yet. I'm kinda drinking from another girl at the moment. And I am 19. Just became it during my last birthday in May. And usually most of my family just came from house of randomness but everyone gets use to us.
    Well you have viewed my own page before and saw you hadn't made much friends. So I thought, why not make this one a friend. So now that we are friends, lets get to know each other now. *clears my throut and offers my hand to you* Xeon{Myroku}, the demon dragon and vampire of this site. You'll get to know my real name eventually but not right away.
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