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  • eh you get used to it though I guess

    as long as I don't let it get to my head xD
    yep it's gets me a lot of recognition too xD

    people think I'm amazing now because I have an orange name
    haha well I guess you can say I'm only a partial mod really

    I do more work with the site than I do modding, but yeah in the little chances I do get to mod it's pretty cool ;D
    lol yeah the biggest challenge really about being a mod is commitment, but that's not really hard if you're dedicated enough ;p
    oh yeah haha well we've had people who joined and then quit within a week.
    haha nah I'm sure you wouldn't be alright ;D

    really it's not as hard as it seems
    Very good, actually.

    You missed a lot of drama, by the way. Most of it being Vodka-Related... Both the alchoholic drink, and the member.
    I did... I was Lifeline until the Fall of last year, and ShadowofDespair before that... Which is a pretty big change, I guess, but whatever.
    Hey, you're back.

    Where've you been?

    Oh, chances are I won't respond to this for a week or so, so don't think I'm being rude or anything like that.

    Just getting that out of the way.
    I wasn't too well known until after you left, I don't think.

    Anyways, I'm doing pretty good lately. I just got back from seeing a bunch of friends. What about you?
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