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    How can you get an std from visitor messages?
    Lol your funny but im not a stranger! Im a nice person that wants as many friends as possible!
    Thats why I said "Do onto others like you would have them do onto you is a better one."
    Excluding the religion content. I wish more people were nicer and positive lol I guess I'm being too hopeful.....
    Well I'm not like any of the fake Christians out there and I blame the Catholics for being the most fake of them all. I actually am Christian like and don't hate gays or try to use my religion to get power or terrorize people. I'm nondenominational and am considered by atheists as a liberal Christian. If you meet me anywhere I would be nice and greet you as a friend and I actually like helping others and don't just do it to "get to Heaven"
    And you did think of me as the same as any other Christian when you posted an eye for an eye.
    I don't think of every atheist as the same. If I see an atheist then I don't mind its only if one shows that they might be an aggressive atheist then I go against them.
    lawlz yeah ino rite?

    Yikes. The rain sucks. Well, I've been doing pretty solid. Living life to its fullest, I guess you can say. Right now I'm at the Jersey shore, which it was beautiful all day long with the exception of my friends not being able to get down until around 9 because they were stuck in traffic. But yeah, 2 more week until I'm done/
    Try to be more specific next time.

    I come at anybody that I suspect of being a aggressive atheist. Unless I don't feel arsed enough to have the same debates with them over and over again.
    I said that you meant it as more than just an opinion becasue you said it like it was fact. That's why I gave you the negrep.

    Scientist try to understand the world around us. You don't have to be a scientist to be considered smart. You can be other things as well.
    Yeah. A raid a year ago got her banned. Very sad.

    And yeah, Eddie. You're welcome. How have you been?
    Its not the blue its just that your quote didn't appear properly so your words was mixed with mine.

    You can associate scientists as the smartest people, but that is not true. Being smart can go in all directions. Scientist just do their part in advancing the human race in their direction.
    Sorry but your post on my Visitor Message area is barely readable becasue of your scrambled post so I will go on what I thought you said.

    First of all:
    Religious people are not brainless.

    You said that you want a man with a brain and that agnostic and atheists are mostly scientists so your saying that scientists are the only smart people? What about Doctors and Nurses and Construction planners for big buildings and Mathematicians? hey are not scientists.
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