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  • Well, I'm glad to see you on again. :) I won't be able to continue in Keyblade War for a while, but I left Ximalech under the control of Skitty Cat. Hopefully I'll eventuall be able to rejoin in the fun. I'm sorrys your computer quit working. :( --- Yep, I can't wait for 1.5 now. x3 It's gonna be AWESOME! xD I hope KH3 is on the PS3. --- Thanks. :)
    *hugs back* Ah, I did, didn't I? Totally forgot... I didn't come on here for a LONG time. I think I went for almost a month/few weeks without posting in the rps... -___- It's pretty much what happens when I am at home. xD (On top of that, my laptop stopped working and I couldn't get it repaired, so for a week, I had to use the comp lab computers. Now I"m using my mom's laptop at school...)

    NICE! A PS3 xD That's probably on my X-mas list in the next couple years. Get ready for KH1.5 when it comes out in NA! ;D Not to mention KH3, which will PROBABLY (hopefully) be on the PS3 and not any other new PS model that might come out between now and the next five years. xD

    OH, and yeah, you did mention her. xD Congrats to you two, again. ^_^ Wish you the best.
    ^^ *hug* I was wondering if you'd forgotten about me. You had said you were going to see me the weekend after the last message. :( --- That's good. :) I hope it does work out ok. --- It has been awhile. xD I had a great holiday, got a PS3 for Christmas. Been playing Final Fantasy VI on it. :3 On here I've been unable to post in RPs because my DS doesn't do paragraph breaks. :( Oh, and I've found myself a wonderful girlfriend here on the site. :D Her username's Kagayaki. I can't remember if I told you before or not. x3
    Hi Steph! ^^ I got another post for KW done. (That was fast lol) It's not a very long one though...
    Well, if you ever need help, let me know. :) I may not be in school, but I'll try to help! ^^

    OK! *winks back* How do we do this dance? Or is it traditional? ;3
    Hiii! ^_^ *hug* My break is going good! :) I'm glad you had fun! ^^ So, did you save a dance for me? (;
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