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  • The Meow Wow, Komori Bat and Keeba Tiger. You're welcome, and so far the only ones that would have had encounters with them is the ones that were in the last RP while Aqua and Riku have heard about them from Tessa but they haven't encountered them yet.
    You're welcome, I'm happy I could help and I know what you mean on posts. I'm kinda curious how this segment with Land of Departure is going to go, it should prove to be interesting. A heads up though, I don't know if you've read the templates, but Ven's gotten an attitude so don't mind any of his more "Vanitas-like than Ven-like" comments.

    That's good to hear, and I hope you enjoy your weekend. I'm doing pretty good, just relaxing and seriously thinking of hopping onto DDD again. Favorite Dream Eater?
    You're welcome and I can understand why you were asking so many questions. I loved your post, it's a really good way to open things for the RP.

    How are you doing today?
    Hi!, Incase you haven't been on the site or at least in the fanclub section, I have added you to the AquaxTerra member list!
    Sorry that i didnt see your request before, I did not have power or any access to Internet that week.
    Well, I wish you good luck on your midterms! *hug* ^^ Tell your roomate happy birthday for me! :)
    You're welcome, on both the template and the post; the password's only necessary if it's stated in the rules though. Thank you, I'm glad you think so, about the posts and about KHI. Sure, we're a little crazy, but I guess that's what makes KHI so fun, it's like one big family.
    Hi, how are you doing? I saw you wanted to join Traces and I wanted to give you a heads up that it might take Rena a little while to approve/disapprove *but being approved is more likely, she's rarely turned a template away* but you're forgetting something in the template. It's a little pass code that's located in the rules section, as for why Dream doesn't have it, after you get one template approved you don't have to use it again.

    I really liked your introduction post in Keyblade War, I can't wait to RP with you even more. :)
    I'm psyched too! :D Can't wait to RP with you! Maybe our characters will cross paths eventually! And yeah, it does seem everyone else is at Traverse Town. :p Oh well. I got some hyenas and Darien to deal with right now. xD Looks like you have a war...
    California? Wish I could go there someday. I've been to Iowa before! The farthest west I've ever gone. Well, I can't wait to read your post! ^_^ Did you read mine?
    Wow- Ohio! Don't know anyone from there, though I used to have family living in Iowa. xD Guess that's as close as I'll get.
    I'm from California :) We only get snow up near Lake Tahoe, and that's pretty much all year long as far as I know.

    Awesome! I'm still waiting for my character to be confirmed by Smoofy- but I want to post in the thread really bad. xD
    I'm in Ohio. We get snow, but usuallly not this early. It was sunny today, though! Where are you at? And you're very welcome! ^_^ I'm eating some candy and interneting. Talking to you, of course. :) I finally defeated the writer's block! Got a post on KW done.
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