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  • I can sort of understand his motives, but... there's a hole in the middle. Xion simply being there helps me to imagine how the gap's filled, but we won't know for sure until Days is here.
    I love CoM's Axel ;; he's such a nut case. all the CoM org members are.
    Seeing how Roxas was there prior and during Axel's time in CO, I'm more leniant to blaming it on Nojima's writing.
    What I want from Axel is an explanation how he transformed from his insane self in CoM to his mooshy self in KH2 @@;
    I'm not sure how I feel about most of the organization XD and the organization I like, the ones that were in CoM, won't really be there. Meh.
    "until" CoM? That was when she was first introduced.
    Personally, I like her less in KH2. She felt... Kairified, somewhat.
    What I find ironic is that DI based two couples -
    Kairi with Riku, and Selphie wanting Sora o_O
    They don't try to think too much when there isn't anything there to think about. Kairi barely gets screen time and when she does, she hates on Riku.
    Sora, being the main character, doesn't really get any insight outside of CoM.
    Thus, it's easy to believe SoKai is truth when it's nothing but a cover.
    The two hardly have to go together, you know.
    Or so some say.
    but yes, I personally find that strong feeligns towards one of the girls would result in feelings of the opposite kind towards the other.
    My frustration from Kairi led me to love Namine so much more because she was everything Kairi wasn't XD;;;
    :"3 wanna join the Kairi HC? Or the SoNami FC?
    Welcome to kHInsider, name's Ziz.

    and read La Compilation!
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