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  • HeY!!! Nice update on the story! At first I thought it was going to be a play by play of deep dive, but Im glad it wasnt! I really wasnt expecting Faith and Riku to have been separted for so long. It hurts my heart! Well anyway, cant wait for the next update!
    You should read the last chapter put up. Please.

    Oh you'll find out in the next one (soon today or early tomorrow) that Benjamin's cheap
    I can tell by your readin' it that you enjoy it a lot
    I see. But now it is good to the point you can move around more, that is good. Well I hope this visit to the clinic proves in your favor ^^;;

    I'll have the summary of the Commish to ya soon, have an exam tonight so study time lately.
    Ouch, I am so sorry :( It is good news though you are recovering well. Do have any idea when it will be back to normal?

    lol Okies. Gonna be one long PM XD
    Ah, I see. You dont have to answer if it is too personal (I can be too curious sometimes so I apologize), but is this a long-term thing you have or recent? And either way I hopes you get better as fast as possible.

    lol Got ya. May take awhile and I will do my best ^^;;
    Ofc, offline life comes first. And I hope as well you get more time to get online as well :D Oh? You have to go to a Clinic again? I hope everything goes well and you have my best wishes.

    Cool, Azrael said he'd love to have you. And correct, it's an alternate story to what if Marluxia killed Sora and took over the Organization. We are in Saga 2 now, so there has been a lot of story thus far. I can send you a long version of the total plot or just a shorter version of what happener to Riku so far. Or both XD
    Hey Sassy, long time no chat :D

    As u can tell, the Incomplete RP is on standby. College is taking its toll and I have limited myself down to a single RP. However, I honestly thought you made a GREAT Riku, and the one RP I am in needs a Riku. I asked the owner of the RP, Azrael, and he says he'd gladly accept you onto the RP if you wish.

    It's the Commission Saga RP, and any questions you have on it feel free to ask me. ^^;;

    Now that business is attented to, how have you been? Everything good in the hood? :D
    No they are just like flying energy knives... in a feather form so the fly quicker... they either cut you or if they hit directly then its like a energy ball
    Pushups you really have to work at. Like mentally as well as physically. If you think you can do it, then you can do just about as many as you want.
    I wish I had weights. We have this little funny looking exercise machine in our basement. I use that and it work pretty much your whole body. It feels like it anyway. I do A LOT of pushups. And crushes.
    everyday, basically all day. haha
    Yoga and kickboxing? Nice. Working on flexibility and ass kicking. Go girl.
    SASSYSIS you are great. hahaha
    I have been asking myself that question ever since I joined the military.
    Idk. My town is boring..and all my friends are far away. :( They want to see me too. It sucks...
    I have no idea what to do. :p

    I do work out though. So thats something.
    April 20th 2010. O_O

    To fuck. haha

    Probably more girls to bring to the meetings. Okay with me. Hopefully they'll be too preoccupied with the vast majority and I can steal one. haha

    The Navy doesnt really need that many people right now its overpopulated. Thats why its taking so long for me to leave home. :p
    My freaking recruiters keep chasing ass instead of holding meetings. Im bored out of my mind. haha
    Just dont...knock over any cones...hahaha
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