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  • Oh yeah, i lived in like sanford Fl. which is around 45 min away from disney and a friend of the family worked as a staff memeber se we got free tickets all the time, but i havent been in like 8 years, cus i moved to TN and yeah......
    dam how you know? :/ lol
    im said to be the wielder of darkness but its actually drexton

    but i havnt written that yet, im almost done with the first one(rebirth)
    theres still
    then reflection

    shell probably become it in reverse

    reflection is like 15 years later
    so basically it takes place back when i was sin 8th grade....mostly cuz i liked the basic layout of our school, and i wanted to start me young

    blahblah i get dark powers blah blah drexten(blue haired dude) has keyblades of light meant for the chosen wielder of light, but he's not officially the chosen(the real one is "mia") so the order assigned him(drextons bro is head of the order)
    since there not really his the keyblades burn his hands so he wears gloves but it still hurts like hell

    blah blah white haired guy that betrayed the order long ago waked up....takes ppls life and turns them into shadows(like an actual shadow, not from kh) blah blah.....
    i doubt ill post it anywhere
    really its kind of for my girlfriend.....and i had nothing else to do....

    i can explain some basics points if u wanna hear about it tho...
    well im writing a story, that has like 2 keyblades but nothing to do with kh

    and i probably wont post it on the forums(its about me and my gf -.-)
    pretty good, got drumline practice starting tomorrow

    also im done editing the heartless sig, i really like it XD
    especially the heartless symbol(if you're seen the album cover you'll understand this)
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