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    Level 1 run-throughs - advice?

    KH1 lvl 1 is by far the hardest in the series. There are multiple parts that are near impossible without summons, specific abilities, and high level magic. Strike Raid, Aerora, gravity, the dumbo summon and the mushy summon specifically for a lot of late game bosses You definitely made the...
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    Why do some fans hate the idea of Riku being a Keyblade master?

    I think its because the way Riku passed the test, but Sora didn't doesn't really make sense. Yen Sid's test was to find, then awaken the sleeping worlds left over from the first heartless invasion (or maybe they were supposed to lock them. I can't fully remember) but Sora and Riku both did this...
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    Future announcements?

    What I wish they would do is drop 2-3 games that are similar to 0.2, either as a collection or individually over the course of 2 years (2021-2023 most likely) They should be quick, but well made 3 hour story campaigns, that have secret bosses, and hidden collectibles that add more replay value...
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    Need help with mysterious figure.

    The best and most reliable opening I've found is to use a surge when he jumps in the air and does that big "X" attack. Once you get the timing right, that will be the easiest way to gradually wear his health down. When it comes to everything else.... just dodge and pray lol
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    Making your own KH trio

    All of these would be great to actually see in future games. Roxas and Riku especially just because of that rivalry you mentioned. I would even throw Namine in that group just for added drama lol
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    Making your own KH trio

    Definitely not stupid. I think Minnie should have had more representation in the series, especially after her role in Disney Castle in KH2. Even though it ruin the trio aspect, this group would just need a playable KH character like Kairi, Sora, or Riku andt that could make it work in a real game.
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    Making your own KH trio

    As soon as I posted this I immediately regretted saying trio lol. It would be a much better hypothetical without a limit on characters. Ansem the Wise is in such a weird place as a mentor to his apprentices, but he's also that guy who ruined the lives of a handful of other characters. I know...
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    Making your own KH trio

    With most of the characters now awake/alive If you could make your own KH trio out of any 3 characters to go on a journey together, who would you pick? I think Axel, Aqua, and Kairi could be an interesting dynamic Maybe even a Roxas, Riku, and Xion group, considering the events of 358 days...
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    Spoilers ► Yozora and his moveset

    I think it has more to do with what you said about the game testing you on all the different attacks you've faced before. I doubt there's any narrative significance to his attacks being slightly similar to org 13 bosses. But also, this is Kingdom hearts so literally anything could be possible
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    Is KH III ReMind (Final Mix) a Worthy Successor to KH II Final Mix?

    Ever since the critical mode patch, my only issue with KH3 has been it's story. Re Mind gave a game that already had really good combat, even better combat, but It didn't really add much to the narrative of Kh3 that we didn't already have from the base game. In terms of final mixes and what...
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    Here’s why I don’t mind Willa Holland as Aqua

    I like her voice, but I hate her acting. 0.2 was a pretty good performance though.
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    Heartbroken that I have to admit this but....

    That's fair. They're definitely two different experiences. I just prefer the chaotic epicness of Kh3 mob fights (especially the battlegate ones)
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    Heartbroken that I have to admit this but....

    Really??? One thing I instantly felt as soon as I played Kh3 for the first time, was that mob fights were vastly imporved on from kh2. Just based on how many more enemies could be fought at once and the size of the battlefields in kh3. Sure you can get sniped from off screen in kh3, but as...
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    Heartbroken that I have to admit this but....

    You know what... you might have a point. Maybe Kh3 magic is better than Kh2. Kinda crazy how Kh2 is just getting eviscerated in this thread
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    Heartbroken that I have to admit this but....

    I'm really coming around on that opinion. Kh3 might really be the goat Dude, the Data Roxas fight was the first thing I did, because it was always my favorite fight in all of KH. After this.... I cant even look at Roxas the same. I think the magic thing is a fair point. Kh2 let you chain...