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  • hey, the third chapter of Soul Eater is kicking off well, whenever you get a minute you should update what your character has been doing, so your up to date.
    Sounds good to me~

    ;-; D'aw. Makes me sad. I only asked 'cause it's sometimes easier to contact someone via IM, and I'm on Skype and MSN all the time so yeah...
    The FFXIII RP is up, should we be together at the beach, be seperate and plan to meet up...what do you want to do?
    Hey Scribbles! I was wondering if i did the whole 'getting everyone to the train' scene in my post right in one is all, all is one rp
    *squee* Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Btw do you have Skype? D: Would be awesome if you did.
    Yeah, I'm officially 19 now D: gosh I'm old...

    It's not lame! I had to study extra hard for French 'cause I'm hispanic and therefore it was kinda hard but then I studied and did good and passed. :D
    yo, can you post in Soul Eater again. I know your busy n all. Thing is we are trying to get caught up to my character. so if you and Klom can push things along with angela, I would be very grateful.
    I kinda posted my character so, check it out. Close blood brothers that work on the opposite sides of eachother.
    That's great to hear, Scribbles! I definitely look forward to having you on the roster.

    That is fundamentally brilliant. Shows understanding of the mechanics and it totally fits in with the RP.
    Well gotta add a big brother to your character's family in FFXIII. I been talking to Eva and she got me to join....somehow. I'll be your actual brother so, we're not just adopted fam.
    Yeah, I recently watched a walkthrough of it. xD But I took it more for its meaning [Estelle = Star. Gettit???]. 7 year difference?

    Nah, I was thinking...Theodore. 'Cause you said he's like a teddy bear. xD
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