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  • That's an interesting way of seeing things. I see what you mean and I can partly agree and partly I still think some episodes could've used better writing. I can't neglect that I'm a bit biased when it comes to some characters, especially Vegeta because I really, really love his character and always get a bit salty how he is treated by the series in general (Piccolo too). Even though I consider him about equally strong with Goku, he nearly never gets some important victory in the series. He was allowed to fight Beerus for only a few minutes, defeated Frieza after Goku got punished for his own fault (that he was even told he had) just to get the victory stolen by some cheap "oh, I blew up the earth, let's rewind and make Goku the hero"-trick - I actually don't mind Goku winning the battle that much, but how Vegeta is treated by the others afterwards. There's not "thanks to Vegeta and Goku, the earth was saved", it's all talk about how Goku saved the earth and everytime they face a new danger it's always "Goku will find a way to beat enemy x", no one ever mentions Vegeta in the same sentence. At best it's something along the lines of "oh, yeah and there's Vegeta too, cool". There was even some episode where Bulma depended more on Goku as a fighter than her own husband which is quite sad. As I already mentioned, maybe I'm just salty about it but sometimes I feel it's too much Goku. Similar with Piccolo, I wouldn't mind him caring about Pan if he would be portrayed a little more favorable in battle. The tournament between universe 6 and 7 was quite a disappointment - he was taken out by Frost due to a cheap trick, as was Goku, but Piccolo wasn't allowed to get into the tournament again while Goku was. Why??? Really, why? I waited for an explanation but never got one.
    I enjoy the current episodes a lot because it gives all the characters a chance to shine. I really love how well Gohan and Piccolo work together, for me this is so much more exciting than those one on one-battles that are inevitable if Saiyans are involved. Even though the tournament takes ages, I sincerely enjoy every episode.

    Yes, Super doesn't exactly portray Goku well. It gives off the impression that he doesn't really care about his friends; destroying big party of Kaio's planet, not even knowing Bulma is gonna have a child, making fun of Vegeta when he says that he wants to support Bulma when she's about to give birth, not understanding Kuririn's worries when he tells him (even though that's his best friend). For someone who is supposed to be heroic he shows little care and that's definitely not the Goku he once was. I would've wished he'd spend some time with Goten as Vegeta does with Trunks but we never get to see that so Goten is just Trunks' little friend. Boring. Hope we'll get to see the kids doing something soon. I liked the episode where Bulla was born because we actually heard Goten talk and it showed a bit more of the relationship between him and Trunks. That was a good one. Maybe we'll get to see their island protection adventure, that might be cool :)

    He's planning for future stories? I like to hear that, I thought I had heard or read somewhere that the series is already near the end. Despite all the flaws it has I would like it to go on for another while so I hope you're right :)
    Totally agree. I like Super for comedy purposes and due to it being Dragonball and I love quite a few characters of the franchise but despite that, I consider the writing to be inconsistent, poor and not doing the characters justice. Nearly every character is portrayed quite different from Z, sometimes just for the sake of comedy - like when Piccolo exactly memorizes the temperature for Pan's milk or Vegeta does ridiculous dancing for Beerus. I don't say that characters shouldn't change or that Piccolo shouldn't care about Pan / Vegeta should be unaware of the threat Beerus poses but they are taking this up to eleven. Goku always had a selfish side but it never shone through so much. As you already pointed out, he did make mistakes in the Boo saga but when he saw that things went out of control, he tried his best to fix them. I'm getting headaches when I see how Goku is portrayed in Super as a person who doesn't even know what a kiss is (despite having two kids), putting several universes' life at stake on a whim for the sake of a fight and who just DOES NOT learn (Resurrection F movie - Whis had just told him about not letting his guard down and Goku knew Frieza) and prefers to solve problems by brute strength. I've never been a fan of Goku, I don't even like him and I still consider this an insult to Goku fans. I love Vegeta who is also constantly insulted in Super but in a different way, so Super is kinda ugh. On the other hand they brought many cool characters back (like C17) and I like a lot of the new characters (Caulifla, Cabba, Kale, some of the Gods of D), so it's not all bad. How do you feel about Super?

    Yes, Sora's DDD portrayal was quite annoying. He lacked Goofy and Donald to put him back on the right track, those two (especially Donald) have always been the more cautious ones (see Re:CoM). Still, the latest point Sora should've turned an inside switch was when Xehanort appeared for the first time, he should've really noticed that something was off at that point. And if he didn't, maybe Yen Sid should've at least told him that something was off, that he should be more careful, but no. Ugh. The only thing that made DDD bearable to me was Riku and even there the constant "I regret my dark past" and "Sora is my best buddy" talk got really annoying after a few worlds. I GET IT NOW, get over it, man. I dread the day that I have to replay DDD which will be soon since my friend wants to play it. Save my soul :'(
    Thank you for your post on DDD's Sora! I already began to doubt myself, if I was the only one who would suffer at the constant flanderization of Goku in Dragonball. Nearly everyone I've talked to about that topic only said "what? Goku has always been like that. Look, a new transformation, how cool!". Good and relatable post, by the way, welcome to the forums!
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