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  • Yeah, the combat system is definitely the hardest part to get used to.

    But I like it as well. It has a really modern feel to it, which I like.
    lol ur a canadian haha lol jk im from Atwater california.

    I never do my homework only if its fun (most of thye time its not)

    nah no plans after i graduate just staying home and sllep. Whqat bout you?
    I see. That section has no lasting appeal for me. It's rather infested with half-brain ideas that are being recycled over and over again. Of course, the entertainment comes in telling the original poster how their theory is not plausible, which I suppose is the purpose of that section; to debate ideas. But one can handle only so much repetition.

    As for me, I'm working on an FFX role-play. If you take a look, this forum has a role-playing section with a moderate playerbase. It's one of the main reasons I stay here, besides the Discussion section.
    how did you ever guess. lol damn class is over and i havent done anywork...oh well lol

    Where ya at anyway...i live in calipornia...i mean california
    me too lol...oh sh*t the teacher is looking...oh well. its not like im not passing this stupid class anyway lol. (im not passing) ^_^ ur in collage huh?
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