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  • i live maybe a mile out of town.
    on top of that my town ssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    theres no mall, theater, arcade, or pool.
    the only people that get dsl are people in town, but the damn drugies can;t afford their kids let alone internet.

    all there is here is 3 schools 1 park (an arce big), 2 gas stations, a dollar store, and a family dollar.
    atleast ur town had stores like that.
    it's a 30 to 40 minute drive in any directoin for me to get to a wally world.
    u never looked, ive got dbz box sets, dragon ball, bleach, both death note movies, there should be more but i don't feel like digging through my room.
    lol, i know. i saw it on the news.
    u know ur a redneck if u buy a casket online.

    i used to go to the hastings store in the one a town near here had, but it closed and hastings was moved clear across town.
    if u got a big wally world near u there should be bleach box sets as well.
    i hav 4 don't when the 5th be out.

    i wasn't sure annoy here knew what i meant.
    u know they sell cascakets online.
    it's on dvd, they both r, just go to wally world(walmart) and get it.
    ok, *deep breath*.
    someone steals something they shouldn't, hitsugaya reconizes them and persues.
    along the way the reapers think he;s went bad, ichigo figures it out and helps.*exhales*
    well, i'll tell anyway.
    when he releases the number on his chest goes from 10 to 0, so the espada are rated from 0-9.
    not 1-10

    the one about senna, or hitsuguya [almost spelled it right]?
    read the manga and u will be.
    or go to bleach.wikia.com

    seen the 2 movies yet.

    u want to know about yammy's?
    it's not about him being interesting, i just like his 2nd release the most.
    the 2nd best has to be the 2nd espada's.

    cause of the manga ive seen all the espada releases so.
    the weirdest one is stark by the way.
    I'm back, it kicked ass to see grimmfow's release in the anime.
    ive only ever seen it in the manga.

    can't wait to see both of Ulquiorra's.
    u dont' hav to wrry to much some of the anime arc's arent' in the manga like the bounts for example.
    it does follow the main plot though u know the whole hueco mundo [damn i cant spell lol] thing.
    it's fun see the differences between the 2.

    i gotta log off now.
    i hav to watch bleach and moribito tonight, and go to work at 9am.
    ssssoooo..... buh bye.
    lol, forget ur bday?

    attempted and hurt my throat....

    have downloaded any of the manga yet?
    shouldve seen before deletion. :lol:

    the language has always been that way.
    if the kids parents are lettin them on here it's somethin that can't be helped.
    even if they added a age limit kids would just lie.

    Bleach is on TONIGHT! WOO!
    my first one was with my incognito profile [before it was disables] agaisnt a guy named anime relic.
    u shouldve seen the flaming and curse words, iwas only maybe 200 posts and he was premium.
    someone actually sided with me and we flamed his ass!

    good thing a week after making this account and me and Xorbok got 10 infraction points, over larxene jokes.
    they didn't start neg rep'in til near a yr or 2 ago.
    and just imagine when flaming didn't get u infrac. points.
    man good times, many a thread wars back then, good times.
    don't worry about it, just don't let them get to ya.
    or ignore the thread all together.
    if it makes feel better on my 1st account the 1st thread i made, i got flamed (when it was still legal here) lik a bitch.
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