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  • o_0 i couldn;t hav spelled with 10 dictionaries.
    ur right though but what would make a good "ending"

    i know i was reading the manga then that page poped up, i was like a 12 yr old who had just discovered porn.
    *insert pervy pun here*
    I know but i cant think of anything to replace'em.

    at least i found a pic to go with it.
    lol, u r wise beyond ur years.

    what u think of this?
    lol, so i'm a smartass.
    as long as u got money and somebody to show how to use ebay, u can get nearly any game/mange/anime stuff u want.

    :lol: more like cheap.
    it's not hard to use, just make sura and always get new or like new when shopin, oh and i always pick buy it now and free shippin.
    i know what u mean i didn't use it til i got my debt account after graduation.
    ebay's pretty good though some take money orders, but usally u have to set up a paypal account with a debt card.
    since most of them only take paypal.

    so far ive got dmc3, swap magic and kh2fm off ebay.
    money was a problem for til i got hired at rite aid this morin. :tongue:
    jokin, when ever u get it go to ebay or maybe a hastings store
    I started the series with kh2.
    :53: What?!
    Play it!

    theres a reason its got interquls (Com and days) a final mix, and a sequel
    ... dial up.
    what's really bad is i had a gameshark, max stats and ultima keyblade.
    have u played kh1?
    at first i wanted to use the noise goofy makes "ahyuk" but boobies was just to temptin not to try.

    i tried beatin sephiroth in kh1 the other day and he wooped m ass.
    and i'm not exaggerating, had the game since i was 12 and still can't beat'em.
    what do u think of my new avi.
    im tryin to find somethin funny to put in the word bubble got any ideas?
    if this double posted im sorry, damn dial up.

    and thanx :tongue:
    a member said "u asume he's a she
    u know those boobs are fake"

    then i said what boobs
    i'd tell u the rest or at least give u a link but all of our jokes were deleted.

    i'm going to log off now good bye.
    lol, he was obsesst with kh cause he wanted something bigger.xD

    i actually got infraction points for jokes about that.
    don't forget mansex,
    he had a whole org. of guys young and old.
    and yes i'm counting larxene to.
    I KNOW!
    it all makes sense now, he prefer's young boy bodies
    instead of his old "worn out" body.( mansex )
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