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  • u have no idea, i tried loading a anime short to see how long it'd take.
    the vid was 5 minutes long, but took 6 hours to load.
    i'm pretty limited when it comes to gimp.
    i'd watch the video tutorials but dail up takes nearly 6 minutes just for me to load a reply to pm's
    at least u understand the bb codes.
    i have that gimp program and do anything worth looking at with it.
    what then risk one of my parents giving a "gentile tap" for disconnecting the phone.
    now that i think about it u'd think laptop screens were more durable.
    i know, it's aggravating.
    i broke my last comp. cause of it.

    i'm jokin, the closet thing to emo's here are drug adicts and goths.
    we're supposed to get it within a year or so but they had the cables out 2 years already so i don't see it happin.
    what makes it suck worse is that town gets it and i'm only little over a mile out of town.
    i havent got to download anything since i graduated.
    No prob, wait til u get near 364 maybe 365 and see ichigo's latest hollow form.
    hollow ichigo is my fav charater, he kicks ass.
    even his own, (refering to fight between him and normal ichigo.)

    i'd love to keep talkin but i'm a firm believer in bathin so i goin to leave now.
    we're supposed to get dsl soon but i don't see it happin.

    have u been keeping up with the manga?
    yea, since i have dail up.

    that's what the day time and english classes are for xD.

    go with Grimmjow or espada 4 (i know his name just can't spell it).
    i'm not very good at making sigs the one with the darkness poem was the only good one.

    lol same here,
    i've been working on a new poem for 2 weeks.
    it's a challenge to write one, search the forums, and read kh manga at the same time
    I made the one of darkness into a sig.
    it was my first one.

    if wish to use one in a sig or something let me know.
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