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  • That's why I called you a half-Masochist. But it's not like the aggressive part is only in sex. Yes, the relationship can go to the extent of sex, but generally the relationship would be like you getting hit by a blunt object or whatever by the dominant one and both of you like it that way.
    I'm hoping that you know what I'm talking about with S&M relationships; the Sadist, the dominant one, likes to hurt people (physically) while the Masochist, the submissive one, likes to get hurt (physically). Having those two together would balance each other and put them into compatibility. Get it?

    In my opinion, if I were to ever be in an S&M relationship, I would be the S. I just love the pleasure of seeing guys in pain (physically). Real life or Fictional, I like seeing either get hurt.
    It was a hypothetical statement. What I'm trying to say was that, since I assumed you were half one, you would be submissive to a girl to a lesser extent. Let's say the girl likes you too, to make the relationship proper in terms of the common roles that the two serve in that type of relationship.

    Holy crap, a pure soul!?
    ...Hmm....well let's say a girl you like like to hurt you. You like it anyway and continue to pursue her not only because you like her but because you like her "style" of hurting you. You get what I'm saying?
    The point is to pretend that you're doing it to/with someone so you don't feel lonely. Masturbation is actually a great way of stress relief (and probably something that can put you to sleep easily if you do it long enough).
    So, assuming you've never tried it, you won't do it because it involves you and you only? What's so bad about that?
    Sex is essentially a greater extent of masturbation with the fact that your doing it, this time you really are inside someone like the poor guy has fantasized about. Kissing, that's not really something to do sexually. And blowjobs, well sir, that's called Oral Sex, mind you. And seeing what I've stated about sex in the first part of this message, well, it doesn't validate itself as something that's not sex.
    I thought it was common sense that people would jack off in private due to law regulations [of] privacy. Plus, it should be common sense that you shouldn't be able to show and/or talk about sexual content around people who don't have a full grasp of understanding it; commonly kids until they start dating and is on the verge of puberty. The rest is up to the school in 3rd grade. I never really said that it was alright to do it in public, that would be...disgusting. And wrong.
    No problem, I was noticing some others with the same idea in their sig, so I decided that I would add my best friends that I had on here, and you are the only male that I talk with the most so far...xD
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