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  • Yeah, I wasn't ignoring you intentionally, it's the damn server that's preventing me from quoting and ironically using colored text. It's annoying so if you have any further questions in the future and my problem continues understand that I'm not doing it on purpose.

    Glad I could answer your question.
    Oh shade, I tried answering your question, several times but when even I quoted you and tried to post (on your page and my FC) it gave me a "page not found" message. So hopefully this is the last fucking time I have to explain it without being screwed over by this crappy server.

    No. There's no option in my User CP for an automatic coloring of text. I have to do it manually like everyone else.
    Unfortunately in those areas people are really only intrested in photoshoppers,
    Althought becoming a graphic designer had crossed my mind, however I think I'll just stick it as a hobby,
    As for what I've decided to do with my life, it's still all really unclear,
    Im thinking of going into medicine, but it all depends on how well I do in my last two years of school.
    lol Im flattered,
    Nope no photoshop,
    Not in the budget,
    I used photoshop at school once,
    Wasn't extremely impressed,
    I suppose If I had more of a chance to fiddle I would have liked it better,
    But I enjoy gimp :) it does what I need XD
    I've come to the realisation that you don't need a fancy program to be awesome XD
    Not that I am awesome but you know, I can always aspire to be! XD
    I use gimp,
    It's a free downloadble program, all you have to do is search "Free gimp downloads"
    and then fine a site which apears trustworthy and go from there :)
    No, I made that name like 4 years ago. I don't people to think I like Soulja Boy in any way.
    Let me put it this way:
    What MX,Xehanort,Xemnas thinks is right. TAV and SMR think is wrong
    What TAV and SMR think is right. MX, Xemnas, And Xehanort think is wrong
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