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  • Ceremonials is definitely full of emotions. It took me a bit of time to grow attached to the album, not like Lungs where I loved every song instantly. That is usually how it is for new albums of artists I like, though.

    "Never Let Me Go" is extremely beautiful ;A; I love "No Light, No Light" and "Only If For A Night". I think when I heard "No Light, No Light" for the fist time I went to all of the people I knew to listen to the song xD

    What other kind of music do you like?
    I think I almost prefer Lungs, but Ceremonials has some really good songs on it I like. I'll go with Lungs. xD You?

    I'm sure it will be. Just cramped :x
    I couldn't agree more. That was the best Kingdom Hearts game, and I hope they give III the same serious tone they gave Birth by Sleep.
    Exactly. But, yeah, it's childish, but the gameplay, the nostalgia, and Birth by Sleep's story has me hooked. I just don't want the series to get out of control. And yeah, I came on the forum to talk to other KH superfans, but that is pretty much the last thing I use it for.
    Friendship! Risk your ass for a guy that tried to kill you! Friendship! Yep, that's KH.
    I'd say people are simply afraid. The government gets the public riled up about some new boogeyman and gets public opinion in their favor. It's really effective.
    There's more to the Patriot Act than I honestly know. But I'll tell you about what I do know. The act gives the government the ability to search through emails and tap phone lines of those suspected of terrorism, without a warrant. That violates the fourth amendment because according to the fourth, the government cannot search you without a warrant. So, having your phone calls listened to, or emails searched without a warrant (which would normally be illegal), have now become legal. The Patriot Act also redefines the definition of domestic terrorism. The definition is so broad now, that it could include activist groups too. Doesn't necessarily mean everything they do will be branded as acts of terrorism, just that the government will be keeping a close eye on them. To put it simply, the Patriot Act expands the powers of the government to place more surveillance over it's citizens. 9/11 was a tragedy, but let's not forget what Ben Franklin once said, "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
    YouTube - ‪THEY ARE BACK! 1901 Phoenix & DAFT PUNK (SPECIAL GUEST) 2010 LIVE @ Madison Square Garden 10.20.2010‬‏

    Daft Punk performing with Phoenix!!

    YouTube - ‪THEY ARE BACK! 1901 Phoenix & DAFT PUNK (SPECIAL GUEST) 2010 LIVE @ Madison Square Garden 10.20.2010‬‏

    I just nerded all over the floor.
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