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Recent content by shadow_kairi

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    I know this is stupid but....

    Hi every one!!! Ummz...I was just wondering who nomura is and why every one is always reffering to this person when it comes to release dates and stuff about Kingdom Hearts 2. Hopefully some one can help me!!^^;;:)
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    A 'Surprising' New world

    In screen shots and stuff i see Sora in...ummz sort of a place looking like where Hades live or some thing.....Im not that sure though. P.S. It might be old news now...:'(
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    Hey guys did you notice...

    Yea thats all true but isnt "Mulan land" the second last world? So like wouldnt he be really strong then?? P.S. Im just guessing^^;;
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    kh2 come out

    Im not sure....Possibly in october
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    Whats the stupidest thing you ever did in KH?

    Sadly, the most stupidest thing i have ever done in kingdom hearts would be...ummz...i guess starting it 3 years ago and not even finishing it for the first time! ^^;; Please dont blame me, because i dont even have a ps2, yet alone the game. My cousin has it and she doesnt play it so i do when i...
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    I just dicovered something ! OMG

    Thanks for thinking its neat!! I cant help it because im a girl! ^ ^;;
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    I just dicovered something ! OMG

    Im just thinking.... You know when you examine the paintings and they say what time it is? well i think that when you go to the green room and hit the clock untill its the same time as one or both (if you want to do it twice) of the paitings, you get a treasure chest or some thing. I'm just...