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  • It's been super super long since I've been on here. So this may be like a short visit since school is starting up soon. Got to focus on my studies more than be on here.
    Hi there :) I'm good. Glad to hear you're well too. Just letting you know that I probably won't be coming back here regularly; I mean, I have no idea why I'm here now to be honest hehe. But yeah, take care.
    Haven't been on here in like forever. Missed u guys so much. I've just started college and doing great.
    Well, since I've lost mi internet connection, I've hd to steal mi neighbors internet thru a window in mi house.
    hi! wow it has ... months even xD Nothing much is up... It's been a long time since I last logged on actually, with exams and stuff like that. Also my internet is running low and now I have really limited internet time, which is a bit of a bummer.
    anyway, how are you?
    been busy. just bought a house recently, and just finished moving everything.

    I still have to unpack though
    Hey! Omg! I am so sorry for the late replay T__T I miss talking to you too! Not much is new with me. Just drawing a lot and making random plushie videos on youtube XD How have you been? ^___^
    yeah hi ^__^ it's been aaages since we last talked. Heh, i don't have my own computer either xD Oh and school! lol xD How are you?
    Hey people give a shout out if u come across mi page. Lmao!
    Oh, and don't be a fraid 2 tlk 2 people, kay!
    When lyfe gives u lemons, u throw em' at them hatrs.
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