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  • Hey Sham, been awhile.I wouldn't be surprised if you don't remember me.So how are you doing? I thought I might look you up on PSN if you have an ID, and if so, what would your name be please? ^_^ EDIT: Nvm, I see it in About Me.I think I'll go friend request you.
    Shamdeo, how are you? Can't remember the last time I spoke to you, lols.But I thought I would drop in on another old KHI friend. ^_^
    Hey Sham... I was wondering... how can you put songs that are in your PSP into Dissidia 012 so I can play them in battle?
    I uh added you in FFXIV, I can't seem to figure out how to put it in the chat...
    hey, to boost some micro-community stuff in the RP section i was thinking of doing RP awards 2012

    if there's enough interests could you create a sub-section for it where the individual voting/award threads will go?
    taylor picked eve in a game of league of legends im reporting him please ban him
    Starting at 7. The heart of sin - The second heart

    Keep Depths Level 3
    Tower of the Cursed Level 1
    Tower of the Cursed Level 2
    Core of Arreat
    Keep Depths Level 2
    Fields of Slaughter
    Rakkis Crossing
    Skycrown Battlements
    Arreat Crater Level 1
    Arreat Crater Level 2
    what's a way i can get into contact with krexia for the aussies khi mailbag november episode? don't have her IM, email or full name for fb or something

    plz respond
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