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  • I closed your shop (if you care or not) cause of the sudden outburst of new shops and the fact that its inactive. If you want to open it back up go ahead.
    Hey, just letting you know that you still need to vote in SotW. You have two days left.
    Hey im sorry to bother you but i gotta ask you a few questions.What does the winner take?who count the votes?When do you close the voting stuff?Can i help you with anything on this artist project?
    "wouldn't be so bad if you only did this, but you do the rest of them too, which as a whole contributes to your 2006ishness"

    "I didn't say you had to do them both at the same time. Either one on it's own is silly enough (and you do that)"

    You can't be serious? This is one of the worst arguements i've ever seen. I'm stuck in 2006 because i sometimes use big canvases, centered stocks and block borders. You really are talking some shit there, and you know it.

    "how many people do you see walking around with flare jeans? people stopped using them because they looked fucking ugly after about two weeks. they still do"

    Women wear flared jeans all the time, that's was a pretty bad example.

    "lmfao, I couldn't agree with you more! Go download some brushes or make your own."

    Weren't people downloading brushes in 2006? You do realise if i did that, you'd still say i'm stuck in 2006.

    "If I can improve without critique, you guys should be able to. As I said, stop being a whiny little bitch and grow some initiative."

    Everyone's different, people need some help, i'm sure you read a few tutorials in your time, that's just the same as getting crit and help from someone.

    post your shit at tagmonkey, I double-fucking-dare you.

    Honestly, i've seen it there. I don't want "I like this" as a critique, that's almost as bad as you.

    tags=/=art. they are supposed to look pretty. make them pretty. if they are not pretty, they are pointless. they are not artistic. they are insignificant. they are the handbags of graphics. if you can't get it right, you're doing it wrong.

    I was saying the photography was a nice piece of art, i wanted to share that.

    I don't give two shits. If you post a thread, you automatically ask for critique. Why? Because to have someone even respond to your thread is a privilege, not a right. If you don't want a whole critique on your tiny piece of shit(s), don't fucking post. This isn't deviantart.

    Hahahahah, shut up. And by the way, "This is shitty and you're a hypocrit" really isn't considered critique.

    "if you make a thread, and I want to post, I will."

    That's fine. But if i want to be a whiney little bitch, as you said, i will.

    Also, "they are insignificant."

    If you think this, why are you argueing over one?
    "If you can't walk the walk, don't talk the talk"
    Please, don't give me that shit. You don't have to be a chef to know the milk's gone off. A person who's fanatic about Spiderman and knows everything about him isn't a superhero!

    Ok, let's have a look at these 'Style's' you've listed.
    "Giant canvases" - Haha, what? Oh, of course, if i use a certain sized canvas, i must be stuck in 2006.
    "Pencil strokes" - If it was nice then, what's wrong with me using it now?
    "Default brush smudging" - Again, shitty choice of "Style."
    "Centered stocks, block borders" - This is the most ridiculus one. When i have a stock in the center and a slightly bigger border is a coicidence.
    "Copypasta backgrounds" - Not quite sure what 'Style' you're talking about there, but it's not the one i used.

    "oh, and you can come back at me and say 'that's not _____ what I actually did is _____', but the point is that they look like what I described them as."

    I also loved that. You say "Don't tell me i got something wrong" purely because if you didn't list a shitty example (which most of them were) you listed a style or technique i didn't even use.

    "I shouldn't have to give this sort of critique,"
    Then how is anyone supposed to improve? You talk about people being shit and never improving, but you never try to help anyone. Feedback is key, a variety of opinions is what's needed. You've had alot of experience, share it, don't just put people down.

    Also, i like how you're the only person who i've ever come across which is like this. I'm on a few graphics forums and show off my stuff, and no one ever says anything remotely like "You're stuck in 2006."

    The point is, me and these "New kids" are trying to improve, whether you think we are on not is beyond the point.

    And that tag was very simple because i didn't want to overload it with effects. The image i used was perfect as it was, all i wanted to do was add some red. It's called appreciating art.
    Like i said, that's why i didn't ask for crit, because there was hardly anything to critique. All i wanted to know was which i should wear, the bigger or the smaller. I'm going around in circles with this, but you'll understand eventually.

    I'm sick of argueing with you now. Please just stay out of my topics, and i'll leave you alone too.
    Are you purposely avoiding the post i'm referring to?

    I'd like to know what you mean when you say i don't follow my own critique. Just because i say i think something would look nice in a certain way doesn't mean i have to be able to do it myself. Alot of art critics don't do art at all, but that doesn't stop them.

    Also, if you could explain how i'm stuck in 2006, that'd be great, might actually help me improve, which you seem so set on doing yet do nothing about. You're a mod, act like it, and by that i don't mean act like you're better than everyone else.

    You don't have to be so blunt what-so-ever. I'm fine with you having your favourites on here (Sir Jecht, Xidon etc.) But i hate the way you say things like they're a fact. It's your opinion, and quite alot of the time, i completely disagree.
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