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  • Baller avatar. I'm just now up to the point where I'm climbing the mountain to reach the Nazis or.. whatever. I dunno, Persona 2 is confusing but I love it's concept.
    Persona 1 didn't play yet. Persona 2 that will be Maya. Persona 3 Aegis and Yukari and Persona 4 will be Kanji~
    haha great news I took a few dollars off of FF13-2 and re bought the game, :D now I feel fine again.
    I had trade in, DDR, DJ Hero 2, and Dead Or Alive Dimensions just to get another DDR game thats so hard to find, and I knew Ih ad to do it. So now I'm thinking about canceling my pre order for FF13-2 to get back Dead or Alive Dimensions
    Man I'm so upset right now, I had to sell a few games to get a rare game thats hard to find where I live, and now I just lost three of my favorite games, thinking about canceling my Pre order on FF13-2 :(
    Well thats life, haha I have two jobs, and I'm trying to pay rent, getting older sucks, but atleast you get money to buy things now :D
    Hey Buddy how you doing? I know we haven't talked in such a long time, so whats up?
    This grieves me. Please disregard their obstreperous behavior. We do not all share that vexing sensibility. This series is far too enamoring for you to alienate yourself from it due to the sophomoric pratings of a batch of raving idiots-just refrain from associating with them. Trust me, on this. Yes, they (myself included) frequently belabored the issue on Namco's Facebook page and were growing more and more militant with our efforts with each "Talesless" day. The fanbase itself often excoriates one another, so them ostracizing .hack// fans does to come of much surprise.

    As affirmation of this that we are not all this way:

    Remember this topic?
    Dothackers // BBS | .hack//Quantum, .hack//Link, .hack//G.U., .hack//SIGN

    That was me.

    To follow up on that, this was also me:

    NAMCO Bandai Games | Forums • View topic - Is localizing .Hack//Link HONESTLY that difficult?

    (You can view my posting history as well. Nothing more than be advocating Link's release stateside.)

    Clearly, I adulate both franchises with utmost respect. There are many others as well. Those who were bashing .hack// clearly never gave it a chance, and therefore their "opinions" are invalid. Don't deprive yourself of this awesome series! If you can, I recommend either as a starting point:

    Tales of Symphonia (Gamecube)
    Tales of the Abyss (Playstation 2)
    Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360)

    You'll thank me later :)
    Hey, man don't worry to much about the heating thing, your PS3 will be fine as long as you take care of it, and not leave it on 24/7
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