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  • Maybe u do xD awww :3 i am so sorry that your tired X3

    Yea im alright just bored to hell Dx . I had to do 4 tests at school today :( out of 5 lessons ( thats how many we have in a day , we used to have 6 )
    Going at it that way will surely make unchanging armor easier, as you then can also use more up-items and take time for level-ups to buff stats.
    That trophy really gave me the most sweat because I normally dislike doing speed runs.

    It was certainly a slightly weird business decision, also considering when it first came out in Japan and localisation wouldn't take that long.
    Yep, one should think they would expect the original audience to be either in higher schools or at work already, that's also why I have to alternate between longer periods posting at KHInsider, playing KH 1.5 and write on my story. It now comes luckily along that I wrote so many chapters in advance, lol.

    As for the target audiences I really hope Nomura and co put some real smooth effort in KH 3 so that they won't favor one part of the fandom too much.
    Too much catering to the hardcore fans would send the casuals up in arms, but doing the opposite and dumb it down so much that we get more flashbacks and explanations to already established stuff would anger the hardcore fans who want to see their favorite character(s) move on into new territory.
    I'm personally highly anticipating some actual interaction between Sora and Ventus that isn't just as floating hearts as well as more from each of the main trios in general.

    Since you can have three different decks I'm actually contemplating on creating three different purpose-decks once I have enough cards. One physical and one magic-oriented as well as a deck for bosses which can be customized for each boss everytime.
    I also wonder why I could not enter that last room in Traverse, as I need another golden card for that one, but neither the boss fight against Guard Armor nor Axel actually gave me that card.
    From what I gathered they actually changed very little on Re: CoM compared to the other two, but I am just glad EU finally got it.
    Ouch, even before the first save-point? That's unfortunate. Be warned though that unchanging armor can be tough. Even with the extra power ups and defense ups Sora gets on Beginner I had some problems fighting Maleficent Dragon and Chernabog, mainly because without accessoires beefing defense each of their fire attacks that connect hurt badly.
    I know, sigh, I'm really no fan of the Gummi ship in KH 1 but for the "all blueprints"-trophy you need to finish every mission because each type 3-mission gives a blueprint on success.

    Ah, yeah, that makes much sense. Even if I have my PS3 for longer, due to work and other stuff I also have still some games that are not played yet, like FF XIII-2 and Ni no Kuni.
    That Re: CoM needs six playthroughs is really a bit tough on precious gamer time, but I do not think I'll wait with watching Days until I have Platinum on both KH FM and Re: CoM. I'll watch Days once I have finished my first CoM-playthrough.

    So far it's pretty funny, especially the continuous banter between Sora and Donald. I still need to work out the fine kinks of the card system, but I do not find it as dreaded as some people claim it to be.
    Fighting Axel was actually pretty chill, as something like scrolling for a 0-card to break his techniques is something you learn rather quick.
    The only thing that annoys me so far is that I can have only 15 to 16 cards in my deck, I need to spend more Level Ups on KP-increase.
    Ah yeah, the beginner playthrough. I used that one to get that defeat the final boss in 15hours-trophy as well as unchanging armor and do-not-use continue in one rush, which I tell myself is quite an accomplishment because I normally like to take my time and search for any stray treasure chest and do side missions.
    I'm trying to get as much done in my normal playthrough, having already 80 hours in that one with all secret bosses defeated, so I do not have to worry about anything when I finally make my Proud Run (I'm already scared of Maleficent Dragon on Proud, lol).

    To get a break from collecting synthesis materials from the rare Heartless I also started up Re: CoM, on Beginner first to learn the ropes and knicks of the Card System. ;)
    Oh thank you, very appreciated. ^__^

    By the way, did you already got to earn some trophies with KH 1.5? :D
    Alrighty, it seems like "to be ninja'd" has become a popular sport around here, lol.

    I've also yet no answer on my little problem with the thread title of my FanFic thread, so I actually quoted myself now in the ask-a-mod-thread to bring it back to the forefront.
    Yea as sephiroth0812 said XD soz it just my first time making one sign XD ... '^^ heheheh ... ( nervious laugh XD )
    Trust meh its harder then u think with homework XD . What r ur favorite subjects or dont u have any favs ? :) mine is science , music , english and maths
    Ugh dont remind meh :) my teacher r teaching meh stuff i already know it annoys meh even some of the time we get told stuff we dont need to know D: also sorry to disterbing u during at work . shania has gone off i think lonely again XD
    Well u see i am in pretty higher levels then her so i would get more XD im only in year 8 and we are getting closer to trying level 7 XD i am achieving level 6b and thats what i am meant to get in year 9 XD
    Yea im doing fine just boooored homework is suck a killer XD sara ( sora x kairi ) hardly has any no fair ;-;
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