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  • I don't know how to properly link to the posts but pass this along to the admin or mods when they're on if possible,
    Three bots in thread
    "What is your aura", posts 32-34
    ok well I was just assuming he lived in canada too so it would be illegal if he didn't live in canada alright I understand
    Alright, I'll start a bit of testing with some other threads I made beside that one when I'm back from work today so I can possibly provide repro-steps. ^__^
    Hi, there is this topic again, this time from 46 to 47.
    Funny thing is, when I go into advanced edit mode for the first post, the title already says (chapter 47 posted), the only part where it is missing is in the actual thread list.

    Is that worth something to ask in the ask a mod thread?
    Yo, Sign! How's life been treating you as off late? :)

    Just passing by to say "Hi." and to ask a simple question:
    Are there any probabilities for KINGDOM HEARTS chi to get a North-American localization?

    The game looks fun and entertaining. :-[
    there are bots in the "screw the rules I have money." thread... they always seem to target forum insanity so easily
    I find myself staring at your signature. A sight for these tired, working eyes. =__= #needsafishtankapparently
    Internet Googley Moogley is down here in college house place thing since got back yesterday. Waiting for Ay Tee En' Tee to mail in new gateway box poop.

    Just so you know and stuffs OuO

    And university is nice and also horrible at same time so wee hee *explodesinconfetti*
    hey sign, could you please tell me how to use spoiler captions? i tried to cover my post in the breaking bad thread but it didnt work
    hey sign-chan can you do anything? I found four bots in one thread
    Forum: Forum games
    Thread: Screw the rules, I have money.
    posts: The latest four posts
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