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  • Ah, I understand. They'll do just as well, really... because with different Abilities, it opens up a wholly different play style possibilities. I appreciate your help so much. :)
    I see... I've never seen him post in the thread ever since I first posted, so I don't have him in my list, haha.

    Do they both have their Hidden Abilities? If yes, then that's amazing. But could you please hold on to them for a while? Something strange is taking place and I can't connect to the Internet via my 3DS, although it's just fine with my PC and phone.
    Sorry, was busy, had Nationals Futsal all day. I'll be sure to organise a date when my remaining assignments allow, ok!
    That's cool! There's no need to worry, I won't be able to go online for a few hours anyway since I'll be having a flight, and it must be already late at night over at your side. Take as much time as you need. :)
    By the way, Sign, would you be able to help me with a female Drought Vulpix and / or a female Harvest Phantump? I'm looking for those two Pokemon right now, but I don't have anyone with Vulpix in their Safari, and I've never been online simultaneously with those with Phantump.

    If you can't, that's perfectly fine. You don't have to go the extra mile just for this, haha.
    lol You have more gusto than I that's for sure, I won't even try getting every Pokemon, that's a feat that could be completed just in time for 2.5 HD Remix (and we don't even know the release date on that yet lol). Ironically, when it comes to other gens, the main Pokemon I care about getting are the legendaries since I always feel they are the nicest collector's pieces (given I don't use them in-game) so if you ever get a legendary you don't want, I gotchu!!! If only there was a whole bartering system between games, I'd pay top Pokedollar for some legendaries :p
    Sure thing, thanks! Finally I'm able to use Spiritomb. I really wanted to use it ever since Generation IV, but sadly it needed connectivity (you know, the Sinnoh Underground). The DS only supports WEP connection while the Wi-Fi at my university was a secure WPA... so tough luck, haha.
    Thanks, Sign! The Noibat that I gave you has perfect IVs for Defence, Special Attack, Special Defence, and Speed. :D
    The duplicating trick? I should probably do that but I'm not after any of the other legendaries, I just like to have 1 of every Pokemon that is new to that generation so I'll probably do that and be content! Are you trying to literally catch them all?
    So you managed to own an Yveltal and Xerneas now? Wow! Props...I just want to at least catalog Yveltal for the time being until I can manage to get one from an event or something, but that's smart trading Moltres since he's not a new Pokemon and it's easy to transfer one of many Moltres you have from past games to this one (with Pokemon Bank of course).
    Hey Sign, quick question, do you by any chance have Pokemon Y? I'm just curious because I recall you saying you needed Xerneas (I think) somewhere (not sure where) and I'm almost to the point in the game where you catch Xerneas and I'll be needing to catalog Yveltal (dream in terms of the game is somehow eventually own an Yveltal...without buying Y of course, gotta wait for special events) so I'm just curious if there is anyway you could help me out or if you need to catalog Xerneas vice versa (but I bet you already cataloged Xerneas).
    Thanks! I hope I could do it by myself though, but I can't, haha. Hopefully it wasn't too much an ask.
    Amen to that! Although I silently wish that I had two 3DS to make it easier.

    By the way, would you be able to help in updating the FC table? I've got some new entries right here.
    - mangartist's third is Venomoth
    - Aldrain's 3DS ID is Eli
    - Bonechill's third is Sliggoo
    - gamerobber7's 3DS ID is Rob, and his first and second are Shuppet and Pumpkaboo

    Thank you~
    Congratulations! I still have a long way to go... I haven't even completed my Central Kalos Pokedex. Seeing the blanks in the other two rather discouraged me, haha. I will complete them though... someday.
    Will what be interesting? If you're referring to my long-lost GBA, I think it will be a relic when (if!) it surfaces. XD
    Exactly! There's just too many things to do just to have those RSE Pokemon transferred over to BW/2 and then XY. But hold on, I thought you could capture the birds in HGSS?

    Ugh, I'd rather just let it go. If I had to search, I know the GBA would be deep inside my store room, and I'm not going in there and draw dust onto my hair and clothes, haha.
    From FireRed? That's a really long, long way to go. I'm amazed you still have your GBA... mine is, ugh, I've already forgotten where I last put it. It was, like, six-and-a-half years ago, before I left for university, haha. Even if I found it some time in the future, I doubt it would still turn on...
    I guess so. Which one of the legendary birds you encounter depends on the starter you chose, and it doesn't help that they are a pain to catch. I never really like roaming Pokemon... and the fact that it's very hard to control their nature makes it even worse, haha.
    If I had Xerneas, I would have gladly trade with you. Unfortunately I'm playing Y, too, haha. Right now in GTS, mascots are offered for trade with Pokemon that hasn't existed yet, such as Feebas, Chikorita, Chimchar... and no Yveltal. I remember just a few weeks ago people wanted to trade opposite mascots, so where are they now? -_-
    As for Xerneas, probably you'd like to try GTS and offer your Yveltal. I think there are a few of such offers up, too. That's the most reliable method of getting the opposite mascot, haha.
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