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  • The last Cash game I played was the one on the PS1 ,and it was party game/platformer. It was okay, the multiplayer was really fun to play.
    Oh cool, what classes are you taking if you don't mind me asking? And I had four classes as well. I just ended one this week.
    Um, College semester ending actually, although I'm taking my finals on Thursday instead of Friday, thank goodness. And most of my classes ended this week. Oh, so are you taking college courses over the summer or is that after you come back from your summer break?
    Yeah, I don't like the idea of Xemnas winning lol.. He's blah, for a villain imo.

    All other KH (non-Disney Villains) Villains > a few Disney Villains>>> Most Disney Villains >>>>> Xemnas
    I've been trying to heal xaldin really badly... but i keep getting yelled at for "messing up the score"

    And anybody but Xion.. XD xemnas, marluxia, idc who, just not xion at the moment... XD
    i'ts annoying. >.>

    iv'e never seen twilight night be that active in that thread...
    As I pointed out, there is no air resistance in space. Contrary to here on the Earth, there is no force to counteract the movement of the waving flag in a vacuum and thus it would wave after being shaken for a much longer period of time. The problem with all moon conspiracies is that they only take into consideration physical laws on Earth. Obviously, the moon is not on the Earth, so this thinking is flawed. I'm sure you could segments of the episode on youtube if you searched Mythbuster moon conspiracy or something similar.
    I would of had it sooner if the second KH3/ Console War thread didn't get deleted. I still can't believe I actually had 50 or posts in it.
    silver_soul isn't that close to premuim, and you're close to platinum. so 3 people with differeny colored names and different avatars wouldn't confuse that much. A lot of other people with "Silver" in their names somewhere aren't even active, anyways, and the only ones who are premium for that matter are you (again, you're close to platinum), and people with names like silverdragon1695 or something.
    Yeah, sorry bro.
    If you would still like to request a signature from me, I'm working at Eye Burners Inc.
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