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  • yeah, i completely agree. this new one has more of a AFYCSO feel, but sounds very repetitive.
    have you listened to patd's new album? i dunno if you like them, but i always loved them. i like it, but a lot of the songs on there are similar. i love the first half of "almost witches." and "always" is good along with "kill the night."
    just been looking at DgD lyrics and these made me actually lol

    "My wife she notifies that I missed a call on my phone
    Now why are you snooping, when you should be cooking
    If you read my texts one more time!"

    from thug city.
    i like the way you think ;D and i know which retard thought of using a god damn traffic cone as the icon!?
    i've never really understood the whole interest in logo design, but i knew someone that was also really interested in it too. i don't know, i guess i find it too restricting in comparison to other forms of art, but each to their own and all that. you should post any designs you come up with, i'd love to see them :) i'm sure you'd get quite a bit of profit too if you went ahead with it professionally.
    nope :( i started looking for it a while back but ended up giving up. i'm pretty sure Kazuma has it though, if you want to ask him.
    Hey, you wouldn't happen to be the one who banned me from the FF section about 2 months ago, if so Id like to know when or if the ban will be lifted.
    we could gmail it or something. just create a discussion topic in there i dunno.

    i'm not very familiar with dropbox, but if you know how to set it up so we can use it as a means of communication, then by all means.
    no probs man ;) were you talking on the thing then? i thought i heard something but it just sounded like shuffling.
    that's poopie :( i thought the wifi on pokemon black worked with any connection now
    "Once you have the Pal Pad, you will need to go on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for the first time to revive your Friend Code.
    After you have gone on Wi-Fi Connection once, go to your Key Items Bag and select the Pal Pad. The first option will show your Friend List. The second option will let you register Friend Codes. The third option will show you your Friend Code."

    found that n yahoo answers, it must've been what i did, haah.
    no worries, just give me a shout when you're ready, i should be online all day (no life)
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