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  • honestly, i haven't noticed. i was so interested in all the new installments and exploring the new pokemon that i didn't give thinking about the old ones a chance.
    sierously, a while back i used my editted bug team (with the new gen) on pokemon online and i tapp'd shit man.
    i've heard of mayday parade but never listened to their stuff. and the same, i used to love Chroma, i'm downloading their discography now. never listened to Cylces though.
    haha, i still stand by what i said that i liked mess more when his vocals were more layered and not so clean. the instruments are amazing, even more so than the original i think.

    i meant to ask you this a while back but forgot, did you ever listen to Cartel when they were kinda current?
    blue dreams is by far my favourite (without including the two previous ones we heard.) just giving spooks my second listen, i really like it.

    overall the album is awesome, but it's nowhere near as good as DBM (although i was expecting as much.) same issue as i said before, not enough jonny for me personally. this is why blue dream is my favourite track so far, pretty much the only track jonny gets the spotlight.
    the screaming in "need money" is so good, i love how fast it is. (i'd edit the one post, but it doesn't work :mad:)
    thanks for telling me man. honestly the one day i forget to check and it's finally leaked, haha. just downloaded it now :)
    Yeah, I suppose it's all personal opinion and Apple certainly makes good products, they just aren't what I expect for the price they are charging. Especially with the hardware itself.

    The Playbook looks nice because it easily multitasks, can play high-res movies and plays some games like Doom. :>
    However, I need a cellphone before I can even think of getting a tablet.
    no man i've been looking all yesterday and this morning but nothing legit :( i pmed that YUPP guy but no reply yet.
    "Only person in the scene that could come close is Tyler Carter (Woe, Is Me)"

    i was thinking exactly the same thing, haha.
    and honestly, i'm glad they haven't picked someone like tyler to "fill jonny's shoes" because whoever tried to sound similar to jonny would not succeed. while tilian isn't like jonny at all, that's the reason i'm interested. it'll be nice to hear someone else's take on the songs (and i love his voice anyway.)

    and i agree with the justin timberlake, btw. jonny does cry me a river live sometimes, doesn't he? i assume jt is one of jc's influences.
    Miracle Sun by Anthony Green

    Seriously the most moving thing I've heard in a while
    he pisses me off sometimes

    but his voice makes up for it :D i was actually tempted by that macbook offer too, haha.
    Oh man I love it. I still have yet to explore all the starting apps xD they look amazing though

    only problem I'm having now is downloading flash, I've installed it about 4 times but it still isn't working.
    Well the only thing I added was hyperdock, but I got rid of it because it crashes constantly since its official release. You can change the icons using this free app called icondubber. It can skin the dock too. To restore it just make sure you have a backup of your files. Or it will give you a revert option.
    Then, yeah, you have a pretty shoddy doctor who needs to go back to med school. One of the first things we get taught here is to respect the patient's ideas, concerns and expectations, and to listen to them. Still, erring on the side of caution is the lesser of two evils when you're dealing with mind-altering drugs. Did the other doctor prescribe any drugs, or was psychological counseling all he offered?
    Not looking to start a fight. I just want to break you out of the delusion that your doctor knows you have bipolar disorder but "refuses to admit it"; they're too busy for that level of juvenility. He gains nothing from telling you you're free of a disease, except for, you know, protecting you from the side effects of antidepressants if they're just going to treat an invented condition.

    I'm not saying you're making this up, and that is all there is to it--heck, for all I know, you actually do have the condition--but doctors have much better things to do with their lives than screw around with yours.

    Did the second and third opinions confirm your diagnosis or the doctor's?
    Hey Siren have you heard the band La Dispute? I think you would like them you should give them a listen
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