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  • I sure hope there are more replicas in BBS! I think the whole replica subplot is very interesting... I definitely need to broaden my views, too XD
    The thing that gets me about Xion is, more than any other character seems to have been so far, she seems to have been designed with a specific purpose; like, created specifically for the game, and making it accessable to the demographic, rather than just being part of the whole story, if that makes any sense... and I find it hard to swallow. Especially when shallower things like who I ship come into play.
    Ehh... I'm just a hypocrite. Realising that is the first step... ;___;
    Yeah. That's my philosophy. I'm pretty laid back... until people start shoving things in my face or insulting me. Perhaps I'm not really the type for forums >___>
    Hmm. I think fandom will come up with a light in which I'll grow to like her, anyway. Happened with me and Namine, anyway XD
    yeah i saw it its way better then mines i feel like an idiot heck infinity use greater words then me
    thanks for the heads up i fix it now but you can barley tell lol because it was minor changes. I also added some few new stuff but, you can barley tell that either lol
    yo grimm yo just got to check you spelling and grammar and pretty much thats it your xaldin is amazing my friend way better than my xemnas can you see if my xemnas is good
    Nice try on the theory im KBL.:lol:
    Took me forever to post on it. In the future dont type want we already know.:dizzy:
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