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    About the age of Sora in KH4

    One year passes between each numbered title. Sora's 17 in KH4. He was 14 in KH1. Exactly 365 days pass between KH1 and KH2, making him 15 in KH2. It's somewhat implied that a year has passed between KH2 and KH3, which would make him 16. Then another year passes during/after ReMind, leading...
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    When you realize the hilarious irony of Marvel and The Avengers in KH4.

    The only Avengers I want to see in Kingdom Hearts are the Bandit, Wight Knight, Pirate, Soldier, and Powerwild.
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    KH4 probable worlds

    I wonder if we could actually return to some older worlds... One must consider what the rest of KH4's story may be after Sora returns to the Realm of Light... What would he want to do? Well, he just spent extensive time with Strelitzia, and will presumably learn that she has a living brother in...
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    Will Missing-Link actually connect all of the mysteries and provide answers to us?

    It'll only answer the questions that we aren't asking, and don't care about. IE: How did Scala go from looking like Victorian era London, to modern Greece? I don't care. Tell me how it relates to Daybreak Town, and Radiant Garden. Tell me where this whole huge ass city's populace went.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event held in Tokyo on April 10th

    What the hell happened to Kairi's hair there?
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Art Revealed

    Nomura hates Xaldin, Lexaeus and AtW, confirmed. Also, is Riku Replica between Namine and Roxas?
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    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    Ronald D. Moore is developing an interconnected tv universe set in the Disney parks. Sounds heavily inspired by the Kingdom Keepers books I've heard of, in which case, I'd imagine that this is a death knell to any legitimacy behind these long abandoned rumors of a Kingdom Hearts show, which have...
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    How does Santa Claus factor into the lore?

    Dark Seeker Santa Claus obviously. Who else could the Master of Masters be?
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    News ► Pre-save KINGDOM HEARTS - III, II.8, Unchained χ & Union χ [Cross] OST on Spotify

    I don't think the retail cost of an album influences the frequency of ads. I've certainly never heard of that formula before, but I could be wrong. As far as I'm aware, Spotify usually goes the route of roughly two minutes of ads, followed by 30ish minutes (the time may round, depending on the...
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    What do you predict the worlds of Kingdom Hearts IV will be(realistically, not what you want them to be)

    With a presumably steadier development than 3, and both better technology and a stronger understanding of it available to the devs, I'd anticipate an increase from 3's six full worlds -- probably eight Disney this time (plus a minigame world), with another two or three original worlds either...
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    News ► Nintendo Enthusiast: No plans for Switch ports for Kingdom Hearts games, other Nomura games possible

    Meh. These collections are already readily available on multiple other consoles. Better spending resources on actually advancing the series instead of just recreating/rereleasing/reporting the same titles over and over for every single console. Hopefully they also don't make a Switch exclusive...
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    Demyx in Melody of Memories

    Did you mean: Another gacha mobile game.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory logo found in Dark Road website

    Oh, just please don't be another mobile game or another recycled assets game (CoM and Coded). I need console games that actually further the plot and develop the characters. Please.
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    Future announcements?

    My two cents on the likelihood of hypothetical upcoming titles. Based on Nomura's previous statements, I think we'll probably get three of these: KH4: Obviously 100% going to happen, but I wouldn't expect it to be released for several more years, with an official announcement only roughly 9...
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    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    Well, you're not necessarily wrong lol... I was kind of generalizing. I think it'd be too redundant to basically just redo the series from scratch with more modern graphics and then not really do anything differently. I think any hypothetical show needs to have itself in a position where it can...