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  • No. One. Can. Tell. Me. When. To. Go. To. Bed. I dun care what my parents tell me to do about anything else, but I, and I alone, am the master of my sleeping pattern >_<! G'night.
    I see, taggers, the lowest form gang next to the middle school ones. You will, awesome man (you can change your birthday through User CP) I'll be glad to get out of it, I've heard that my school is worse than college work wise -_-. Yeah, not wearing your belt can result horrible things, people might grow distracted by the absence and get in a car crash or worse XD you've gotta wear your belt to be safe XD

    Creating stuff is my specialty, I go through sketchbooks the way cats go through catnip (bad example) You think so? Me too... -_-
    I guess. Not completely done, but I'm done for the night... yeesh, it's 1... I must be allergic to a good night's sleep or something. Gah, your avatars keep confusing me and I'm all, "oh, who's this person posting on my profile?"
    You had a gang at you school? What did they do? Next year is gonna be smooth sailin. No, I turned 17 a few days ago, I'm one of the youngest juniors. Didn't you know? It can cause injuries and much more XD. It really is XD

    I draw a variety of things, monsters/creatures, various types of characters such as heroes, villains and anything in-between, aliens, landscapes, mechs, weapons. You name it and I can draw it. Hah, I'm 6'4 (Now who's the giant), Yep, I watch as many games as I can :D WOO!!!! Aww... what, that sucks
    I did! I took a break from the forum for an hour and got most of my exam presentation for careers done! YAY!
    Yeah, apparently gangs are/were a problem before the uniform policy. But I don't see what's going to stop kid's from forming a gang based on an accessory like a necklace or wristband. Next year I'm going to be a senior, senior year is the easiest in my school. I've already taken care of the hard classes. A BELT, I know, somehow not wearing a belt is disruptive and dangerous XD

    Either one will suit me just fine, I overflow with creativity and am always making epic stuff. A professional Basketball Player? how tall are you? Good luck with joining the Lakers I hope you make it. I watch basketball when the teams interest me (the Lakers are my favorite team BTW) I saw bits and pieces of the latest game but I forget how it ended though.
    My school system makes all public schools wear uniforms -_- something about gangs forming in schools... My current uniform is Black, Khaki and White collared shirts and dress pants. Next year they were nice enough to take out the black from the uniform (to much variety I guess XD) so next year I have to wear a white and khaki uniform -__- there's also a belt that they suspend you for if you don't wear (yeah suspend)

    I plan on being either a game artist/game designer or a comic artist/writer but the long hours of sitting are the only problem that I face. I'll probably just get a treadmill or something when I get a big enough office.
    Not much... blowing off homework... which is bad... seeing as it's exam presentation stuff... for thursday...
    >:) muwhahahahahahhahahaa!
    D: dont answer, i seen a movie once bout people getting fone calls then dying!
    DX she's out to get u!

    D: i do to!
    No, it's public, top school in the state. We have to wear uniforms and stuff -_-

    I'm high energy so calmness makes me restless... I can't see myself working in an office, just to much sitting....
    >:3 that was my own twistedness at work.
    she cant warp me cause im already warped ^ ^
    o.0 wonder where she went......

    XD every1 calls me mean
    My school still hands out punishments though -_- Not caring that it's the last week ( My school is strict)

    I need some excitement, up till a few months ago my life was exciting but lately it's been calm... -_-
    ^ ^ depends on how mad i make her.
    >:3 its not just nyah, i gave it meaning
    NoYouAssHole XD she liked that.

    >:3 no u cant, and u wish >:D
    Unfortunately, there's no way I could carry all of my books. They don't even take attendance the last three days but I still have to go -_-

    I've pretty much done all that their is to do where I live, so it'll just be more of the same -_-
    XD annoyed her thats what.

    >:D hell yeah, >:3 please u'd need steroids to beat me [jk]
    I've got four more days, we're not allowed to bring book bags during the last three

    My summer seems like it's going to be boring rather than exciting
    XD i got messages like that when i called her a perv once!

    XD i know
    s1keanureeves i can dance like that XD [jk]
    Nothing much, I still have two more exams tomorrow. Then I'm done for with school for the year.

    How's it going today?
    Sooooo....Liking it heres?

    And why did you ask Anagram about me!?>:/
    He knows NOTHING...
    >:) yes, yes she does.

    look at this XD its like he's dancing!
    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 2 - Blitz Form
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