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    Stuffed animals should never move, it's just not natural. If I saw a stuffed animal moving my first instinct would be to kick it and then to burn it.
    You have a bunk bed? I don't bruise easily anymore, after the first dozen times I guess I just got used to it.

    What are you talking about? LOL
    no im the nyah person, i claim that title i dont care if she sues me for plagerism over it!
    I'm just glad that I never saw, a stuffed animal moving around. That would've been creepy.
    I don't even have a bed anymore... when I did though I fell out of it a few times, I think that one time I woke up in the middle of falling.

    . . .
    You think it's me? Yeah right
    >:) yeah thats one word for it.
    i know, if you get sick cause of a sunburn you usally end up in a emergancy room :/
    i dont get why people feel the need to get a tan :/
    doing it to much, well puts you in yoyo's position.
    It gets really bad when you start seeing grass growing on your walls and your stuff moving around and talking...
    Have you ever fallen out of your bed at night? When I used to have a bed, I did a few times, waking up in the middle of the floor is a strange feeling.
    What are you getting at?

    Fevers are never fun, I think my highest was 103... but, I don't get sick to often.
    When I do get sick though, it's bad, one time I couldn't get out of bed... It hurt so much when I moved..

    Hmmm... All you've got is youtube I guess.
    Aww... :(

    She is? If she's sick I would rather that she rest. But if she wants to...

    You haven't been up to any mischief?

    Well it doesn't hurt to know about it. Better safe than sorry
    I hope so :( Does she have a fever or something? Usually fevers get really bad right before they go down..

    Anything interesting happen lately?
    She isn't doing well :(

    You should check this out:Skin Care - Sun Poisoning: What Are the Symptoms?
    If she has had sunburns recently then she has this without a doubt
    Hello Crazy, how's it going?

    How is YoYo doing?
    Don't worry, I'm peaceful and disciplined. So I have complete control of my strength, I only use it on people who deserve it.... I would never hit someone just because they made me angry.

    Oh, okay... Nice talking to you.
    Bye Bye!
    T^T so am i......

    with what? i've NEVER got sick in summer i dont know how its even possible.
    pffft, she's lucky that her sunburn didnt end up as sunpoisining.
    They don't seem to -_- I have to hold back though because I'm pretty sure if I struck with full force I could kill someone (I'm serious) Thank god for Judo and Muay Thai... Criminals and the bunch seem to think that I'm fun...

    And I'm there to prove them wrong.

    I'll look for it..
    Unfortunately -_- A few times a month actually. It's a good thing that I naturally have an above normal amount of strength and durability. I'm a muggers worst nightmare.

    Definitely, I've always been a bit dangerous. I nailed someone with a textbook one time. He thought I was just gonna let him bully me.

    Your link doesn't work...
    I really do, I've beaten quite a few... I'm like a magnet to those people -_-

    I just wish I could do something... That person disgusts me, he really does!

    Sure I'll join :D
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