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    Now I'm glad that beat people like that up...

    No need to apologize, he deserves to. I don't even want to think about what else he has done.

    (Yeah, I do. I always believed that Jecht should have been the main character)
    I understand now, it makes sense. Neither she or you deserved that, no one deserves that. Especially not someone as nice as she is or you are.

    I agree, cowardly also. I'm sure he'll get what he deserves.
    Yeah I read it... People like that, just really piss me off. I'm actually shaking with anger right now (seriously)

    Why would someone do that to a couple of a kids, what type of trash?

    Oh, I hope she gets better soon.
    You back Crazy?

    I- I'm actually getting really angry right now... Some people, they just...

    If you want to talk about it when you get better, feel free

    EDIT: Okay, talk to ya later
    Ehh... It wasn't his fault, I kept on inquiring, don't get mad at him please..

    Oh, okay.
    I haven't read it yet...

    Do you want me to? I sent you a PM asking you just now...

    Okay, thank you... If it's something bad I wouldn't feel right not being able to talk to her about it..
    Thank you..
    I don't think so, I'll ask her about it...

    I've gotten to know her pretty well and I shouldn't know unless you both agree to tell me...
    If you it will get you in trouble with her then I won't open it, I'll just ask her. And if she chooses to tell me then I'll let her tell me...
    Okay, sure thing... Would you rather me just ask her? She might tell me..

    Sucks, looks like this mystery will never be solved..
    What type of bad thing? Did this "person" try to do something to her?

    Good luck...
    Oh, something to do with a past boyfriend or a crush? Did something bad happen?
    Nothing ^^

    You think you can get in?
    Oh, I think I know what you're talking about. She has mentioned that a few times, some guys seem to have been complete jerks to her :/

    Ahh... A cold trail, who could it be? But if she doesn't talk to him on the phone, the mystery grows deeper 0_0
    Really? I figured that she was nice to everyone. She had a little what?
    But how?

    She has a file? You mean her KHI file? She doesn't leave much evidence... maybe she talks to him on the phone, you should eavesdrop...
    Hmm? Is her being nice unusual or something?
    How could she have a crush on me? I probably don't live anywhere near her and we're on the internet... could that even happen?

    I never thought of that, is there any other evidence? It's been a long time since I've been presented with such a mystery...
    Uh-huh ^^ she has never been mean or rude to me. In fact, she has been the opposite of that. She is probably the nicest person that I know.
    Pfft... Yeah right, you probably just plan your evil weekends during the week.

    You tried breaking into her profile? How would that help you find out who Chance is?
    I doubt that, YoYo is always nice to me :D I'm betting that you're the evil one,don't try to hide it XD

    That should be a team name. THE NORTH PANDAS, it strikes fear in people's hearts...
    Oh, I see
    An idea? What are you going to do?
    You're concerned with balance? Then I'm guessing YoYo is the good and you're the evil...

    Don't worry about it... I like North Pandas :D
    Are you looking after her or something?
    An old friend? Yeah right, friends don't have pictures of hearts with one another... Something definitely going on. Hmm... There has gotta be some info

    Yeah... It's halfway done loading...
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