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  • If any of the old timers ever see this, shoot me a message and let's connect over FB or IG!
    Hey, sorry I didn't see these, I log in once in a while and it's nice to see some familiar faces. Does anyone stay in touch with each other? I have some people on Steam from back in the day (Ric, Prod) and Vision on FB. It might be cool to get a group chat or reunion going. What do you think?
    Heya! Drop me a message if you like!
    Heeeey! Yeah, I was wondering about you a while back - I know I had something specific to ask/share with you, maybe about a book, or ISIS related politics, but I really can't remember now. Things are going ok. I mean, I know that really says nothing when in fact everything has happened. In terms of the right now, I'm reading a book called 'I Love Dick' (always late to the party); it's pretty good. Like everyone else, I've been closely following the US elections and throwing around my opinions when I'm not really qualified as a non-US citizen. (I also campaigned for Bernie, and we all know how that went, but at least I met some cool people). I'm working crazy hours, and just trying to suffer through for the sake of a salary and experience, but also contemplating moving to Australia for 6 months to live with my sister because I'm getting major, major burnout and the grass is greener on the other side.

    Do let me know how you're getting on with School and everything else (you may even be finished now - it's so long since we spoke, I think). I'm kind of interested in the upcoming KH/kind of not so am only logging on very rarely. If you wanna chat by email, or whatever else you use, let me know.
    you should add me on facebook at facebook.com/sundayparis if you have facebook or on skype, im elleinwonderland, because idk if i will get back into this place at this point in my life
    sunny <333333333 just saw your message and was really pleasantly surprised that you still sign on!!!
    holy cow. Also, please contact Naomi, she was asking about you around the time I wrote that VM to you. If you log on again anytime soon, i'll tell her to log on, she misses you tons brother!
    For whenever/if ever you see this -

    Know that I have lived. I have done wonderful and terrible things and mundane things. From each experience I have learned and grown more humble in the wake of each situation. I teach :) the arts and am thoroughly enthused by the youth I am responsible for, hope even to marry in the next 2 years. Life has been one hell of a journey and for you I wish the same passage of security both for yourself and loved ones, alongside fortune.

    If you contact Virus and can tell me anything more about him, contact inormation etc, i'd really appreciate man. He's been one of the closest online brother's i've had and I haven't talked to him in years.
    I don't watch much TV in general, but I did catch a bit of an episode of True Detective once, and it interested me enough to read up on it. It does sound really interesting, and your recommendation bolsters that. Unfortunately, even though I have an abundance of time, I just don't seem to have the patience to watch serials on TV or even online. The last significant series I watched was a Chinese show called "Laughing in the Wind," and that was my senior year of high school. I don't know what it is--I love watching movies and reading books, but just the thought of starting a new TV series exhausts me.

    That said, and I know this sounds really lazy, but if there is an episode that you think stands on its own and gives a feel for the series, I'd be glad to look for it online.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was only recently introduced to some of Asimov's work, and his short stories are wonderful. Have you read his short story, 'Nightfall'? It is excellent, and in a way deals with some of the same themes as 'The Last Question.'
    Yeah, it is. It's an anthology series, so some of the arcs are better than others, but each one is handled by a different director (with the exception of Ishizuka, who directs two), so you get an interesting contrast between the stories. Since it's an adaptation of classic Japanese tales, it's very poetic in nature, as I'm sure you can imagine. Definitely a must watch for anyone looking for more "literary" stories in anime.
    2. Smoking, heavy drinking, not going to bed, not responding to messages from family or friends for painfully awkward amounts of time ?I?m guilty of all.

    I do think that you?re right in making sure you get out, it probably does safeguard against cabin fever. Because I spent a lot of time out, I romanticize staying in, particularly that aspect of spending time with yourself in an introspective haze, which oddly enough, is something that Drake?s music often articulates well.

    I think it?s a myth that people gain more from going out and experiencing the ?real world? than staying within the 4 walls of your room doing so-called ?pointless shit?. How useful the time we spend doing x,y or z isn?t something that can be easily quantified, so I resent discourses like ?playing video games/posting on forums/watching anime is for losers etc?. Not that that was implied by what you said, btw.

    I quite sincerely feel that it?s really problematic when people conceptualize their lives as a line of progress. Okay, you might be more worldly, disciplined, socially comfortable, have a bunch of achievements under your belt, whatever, than you were when you were a 15 year old. On the other hand, you can never doubt the integrity of who you were, even if you were a complete douche, a chronic masturbator, you should always appreciate the sacredness of that self. Like when Drake is like ?I wanna take it back to when I was that kid in the basement? (or not, lol).

    If you ever get a chance to read Adorno?s Negative Dialectics, then I strongly recommend it. I wont go into detail - mainly because I?m embarrassed at the pretentiousness of slipping Adorno into a casual conversation ? but he has some (I think) profound thoughts on this?not explicitly, because he?d never stoop to such an individualistic level, but more so in terms of why the sum of existence cannot be that which progresses forward.

    Nonetheless, go for gold. I?m sure you?ll do great. Praying is important.
    Lol. You know, the part of the message that really piqued my interest was 'bad habits', which you unfortunately (or strategically?) skimmed over. Hearing about other people's bad habits reassures me greatly because I think 80% of my personality is bad habits.
    Congrats on that overall improved performance as a human being, friend etc. It's really...impressive.

    Yeah, it's going well. I'm now working at ... [you're going to laugh]... a university. And, [you're going to laugh] my boss is a professor of [wait for it...] management, but is somehow a rampant Marxist. Pictures of Lenin and other communist motifs bedeck his office. Not yet really sure if/how he's going to try and takedown the system from the inside. We'll see though, it should be a laugh, if nothing else.
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