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  • Hmm, I think having one character with that abiity would be ok, but I think it would be good to have the backstory of why they tried to perform human transmutation and saw the gate in that character's bio.
    yea :\ it's all cool i'll play sometimes i guess... and dude im sorry i gotta drop from your roleplay... i can't keep up with everything T_T
    Yo, sol. I've noticed that you weren't able to post up your summery thing for the khii rp, so may i purpose a suggestion: I can post it in the name of you and such; seeing how the site let's me post long and uber posts.
    Trying to ressurect the Inferno. And BTW there is someone else making rum in the ferno >.>. What you been up to?
    Awesome Character Solar XD...just awesome I luved reading every part of Ares's temp x3...you always have a special touch when you come up with your character xD. Though this one got me wondering x3, is this the unborn of who I think x3? if so...we need to talk XD, this could pull a hell of a good plot twist ;3
    Oh my gosh, your onnnnnnnnn and um, I know my name isn't familiar to you but it's Candy Fair/Snow Candy but I had a name change so yeah, you probably won't recognize me. >_< But it's good to see you back on the forums, anywho, I just got back on here today! :) Well hope your doing okay!
    lol whatever you'd like is fine by me man ^__^ We can always change his title if we need to, but he sounds great. And nothing really ^^ I was just talking to some people, and thats pretty much it lol, how about you, up to anything at the moment?
    Wow the character is sounding terrific man ^__^ I think it might need its very own special position I think, something like Royal Manipulator or something ^^ But really the character will make a perfect Unborn ^-^
    Yeah I'm sorry about that bro. I should have sent Anorgos to Treasure Planet I guess, but I was hoping on maybe having Ryu meet him in a little bit actually in the rp, just so he sees him face to face, and realises who he is ^__^ But there's plenty of time for us to get to that and everything else in the awesome rp ^^
    I noticed you said that in the rp, I think thats a terrific idea man ^__^ I can't wait to see it all, that should be great to see. And I'm really looking forward to see the War for Power rp return ^^ And a new Unborn sounds great ^^ Sepulchre has left so you could always take his place if you would like, or maybe have a bran new position for your character ^__^
    Hey Bro ^^ Its good to hear from you again ^_^I'm just really up to writing something, how about yo? How have you been? ^-^
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