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    NO SPOILERS PLEASE: Anyone Else Have Problems With Limit Cut Boss Fights

    ooh ooh I've got some tips for one of the fights!
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    Spoilers ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind DLC Spoiler Discussion Thread

    What I want to know most of all for Remind (and what I don't like about it) is why didn't they have Sora's equipment transfer over when you play as someone else. Here's an example of what I mean, When choosing to play as either Sora or Aqua in a fight, you would choose Aqua. She has very little...
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    Art is Eternaaaaaaal!

    So many people have been tossing around the possibility that we might get an actual Galarian Dustox based on one of the new trainers who is set to appear in the sword and shield DLC who has a bow in the shape of Dustox's wings, albeit white and purple. If that is the case and we are getting one...
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    Cosplay and costume thread!

    To be honest, If i had the kind of magical hammer space that Sora has (considering the party has shields, staves, ENTIRE CAMPING SETS at their disposal) I'd be pretty much set for life. After all, It wouldn't have to be on my person. Alas, That was a day where I couldn't even carry my phone or...
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    Cosplay and costume thread!

    Surprisingly, Not a lot of people remember Conquest at all, it's a shame too, I see it as one of the best DS games, and it's what got me interested in the warriors style gameplay to begin with (since then, I've tried the one piece, Zelda, and Fire emblem warrior games, all good to play through...
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    Cosplay and costume thread!

    Boy, you really must've enjoyed cosplaying as Lady Noh (wonder if you'll do the pokemon conquest version). As for myself, I'm not skilled with the needle and thread, so what I've done isn't really exceptional by any means (and by that, I mean most of the stuff I've worn is essentially just...
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    Is Country of the Musketeers from an alternate dimension?

    As they say on the stage: Whose to say this didn't happen? Donald and Goofy acting differently in this world could be chalked up to this being the first meeting between them and Mickey, because even though they have forms in Timeless River based on their initial incarnations, It isn't explicitly...
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    I will! In exchange for a grookey afterwards.
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    If you Die which KH Character would you want to be reborn into?

    I would choose Aeleus, literally no one else on this forum would choose him and I don't know why. The man hits like a truck and has easily the strongest attack stat in Days. Plus, he uses an axe blade and I can relate to his ideology of keeping quiet and vigilant.
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    The reason why I've stated that it's not good is because if this galarian slowpoke is in the DLC, then that means it's regular form can be brought over. One of my friends uses one against me and it is an absolute NIGHTMARE to deal with. The thing's so tanky, has slack off, and resists nearly...
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    Aw man. Slowbro returns?!?! That's not good.....
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    Giving it a go!

    I'm still waiting for the ultimate reveal of the 8th guardian of light that the board game hinted at. Mulan as playable DLC confirmed in the talisman board game! I'm calling it!
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    Giving it a go!

    Welcome to the forums Ms. Ink Ribbon, please read the FAQ.
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    Would you want ReMind to Change Anything in the Canonical Story

    I know what I'd want, I want Mulan to be the 8th guardian of light, just like the talisman game.