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  • Wow... you are like never on an you have a major part in the RP thats below this comment... what are you doing??? well anyways... im your little bro in that RP and i would sorta kinda want you to be apart of it but since you never get on thats ok... well if you ever do get on click the link below this comment and post...

    Just reminding you. *pat on head*

    Ttyl, time for sleep over here, and tomorrow's gonna be hell (damn you Chemistry)
    Apparently their new album sucks, but they'll be playing plenty of old stuff, too. Gonna see 'em in Houston.
    xD Oh you.

    It's this thing me and my bf did in an RP many many moons ago. I forgot which RP, but his character had said it to mine...yeah. lol.
    Well, if Capell is still with the teens, they'd still be in teh cave, getting some rest before they head out.

    Reiner, is he with TSY or the escaped teens? Becuase Nami and Bryson are camping out in the woods chasing the escapees. You can put Reiner by them if you'd like, but if he escaped they'll try to bring him back, forcefully if necessary XD
    Well, everyone's in Zane's cave they're going to head towards town in a day. Rose, Alex and Maya are patrolling the area. Lucian is back at TSY having some sort of addiction episode and Nami and Bryson are tracking the teens. Ari and Siri are headed back to TSY now with Dawn in tow.

    I think that sums it up and welcome back
    Hey, bro. Been a while. So your computer was messed up you say?
    Well I just decided to not be on KH Insider anymore. I just feel a little uncomfortable here. I'm all double postin' and goin' around here and there saying stupid stuff and junk. It's not like I was bored or anything. I just think I should know what I'm doing before I do it from now on. That's just ME okay. I'm sure there's other people on KHI that are more tech-savvy or even more of a noob than me. I'm just trying to do what's right for me and trying to get my head on straight. Nothing personal, man. I'm just inept. Later.
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